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Mus. 53

Manuscript. Motets by Giacomo Carissimi, copied in score by Francis Smith; English, 1690s.

Table of titles and composers in modern form. Display form found in manuscript.

1 Giacomo Carissimi O vulnera doloris pp. 1-4
2 Giacomo Carissimi Lucifer pp. 5-9
3 Giacomo Carissimi Domine Deus meus pp. 9-17
4 Giacomo Carissimi Sicut stella matutina pp. 17-25
5 Giacomo Carissimi Hodie Simon Petrus pp. 25-28
6 Giacomo Carissimi Quo tam laetus pp. 29-36
7 Giacomo Carissimi Laudemus vir gloriosum pp. 36-41
8 Giacomo Carissimi Exulta, gaude, filia Sion pp. 42-46
9 Giacomo Carissimi Cantabo Domino in vita mea pp. 46-52
10 Giacomo Carissimi Egredimini caelestis curiae pp. 52-58
11 Giacomo Carissimi Militia est vita hominis pp. 58-64
12 Giacomo Carissimi Audite sancti pp. 65-70
13 Giacomo Carissimi Quis est hic vir beatissimus pp. 71-79
14 Giacomo Carissimi Exultabunt justi pp. 80-94
15 Giacomo Carissimi Domine quis habitabit pp. 94-102
16 Giacomo Carissimi Cum ingrederetur N. pp. 103-111
17 Giacomo Carissimi Surgamus, eamus pp. 111-118
18 Giacomo Carissimi [?] Gaudete exercitus caeli pp. 118-121
19 Giacomo Carissimi Turbabantur impii pp. 121-132
20 Giacomo Carissimi Dicite nobis sanctorum civium pp. 132-142
21 Giacomo Carissimi Judicium Salomonis pp. 143-155
22 Giacomo Carissimi Annunciate gentes pp. 156-166
23 Giacomo Carissimi? (spurious) In te Domine speravi ['Gloria Patri' only] pp. 167-171

Upright format, 337 x 215 mm. 86 folios, paginated in ink by Smith. Collation: two gatherings each of three nested bifolios (A-B6), then 18 gatherings each of two nested bifolios (C-T4), then a single bifolio (U2). Early 18th-century binding of thick grey card edged in vellum. List of contents on first flyleaf by Malchair. Bookplate 2 on inside upper cover. 19th-century shelfmark: I.1.17.

Provenance: probably from the Aldrich bequest. The earliest reference to this volume is by Hind in Archives 1717, where it is listed at position H58 as 'O vulnera doloris &c. Lucifer &c. M.S. Folio'; in Mus. 53 itself, the shelfmark 'H.58' is written on the first flyleaf in Hind's hand. Possibly the volume was previously part of the sequence described by Hind in Dowding as '18 Vols. of Musick, chiefly M.S. mark'd on the Backs, A. B. C. C.2. D. D.2. E. E.2. F. H. I. K. L. M. M.2. N. O. P. Q. T.' In Mus. 53, the letter 'A' is written in ink on the outside upper and lower covers.

Microfilm: manuscript music, reel 47.

Francis Smith was a chorister at Christ Church in 1681-90, and remained there as singing-man until his death in 1698. Other music manuscripts at Christ Church copied or partially copied by him include the following. (Please note that this list may be expanded as further information comes to light.)