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Mus. 619 (ff. 28-30)

Manuscript. Oxford Act song 'O Maria, O diva', largely or entirely by Sampson Estwick, and largely in autograph composing score. According to Trowles (ii, p. 70-71): 'Words by Edward Hannes, selected from 'Adminstratio Mariae', published in Musarum Anglicanarum (Oxford, 1692), ii, 28-31. First performed at the Sheldonian Theatre, [Oxford,] c. 1692'. Parts for this work: Oxford, Bodleian Library, Mus. Sch. C. 132. For another copy of the work, see London, Royal College of Music, MS 221, pp. 60-76 (copied by Philip Hayes).

Notwithstanding the foliation, there are four sheets, as follows:

  • f. 28. Instrumental 'Prelude' in score, headed 'Act Song written by Dr Hannas and set to musick by Mr S. Estwick'; autograph composing score. Single sheet, upright format, 355 x 207 mm.
  • f. 29, left-hand sheet. Start of vocal score; autograph composing score. Recto: annotated 'Ode to the Queen by Dr Hannas set by Mr Sampson Estwick', and marked 'No 1'. Verso: paginated '3' and marked 'No 3'. Single sheet, oblong format, 415 x 333 mm.
  • f. 29, right-hand sheet. Continuation of vocal score; recto paginated '2' and marked 'No 2'; verso unpaginated and marked 'No 4'. Autograph composing score, except for a passage on the recto ('No. 2'), where the music (but not the text) is copied by a different hand, possibly that of Francis Smith. Single sheet, oblong format, 420 x 333mm, pasted to r.h. edge of preceding sheet. The entire f. 29 is folded four times vertically.
  • f. 30. Conclusion of vocal score, marked 'No 5'; initially autograph, then a two-stave instrumental movement in the hand of Richard Goodson Sr. Two sheets pasted one over the other, the lower evidently as a reinforcement to the torn upper, with some music recopied. Oblong format, 457 x 353 mm. Unused ruled staves on f. 30v.
Provenance: almost certainly from the Goodson bequest, together with the other contents of Mus. 619.

Microfilm: manuscript music, reel 26.


  • Tony A. Trowles, The Musical Ode in Britain c.1670-1800 (unpublished D.Phil. dissertation, University of Oxford, 1992). Find in a Library
For a list of other items at Christ Church associated with Sampson Estwick, see the entry for Mus. 1142b (f. 51).

This is one of the many music manuscripts at Christ Church copied by Richard Goodson Sr.