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Mus. 37 (pp. 25-58)

Manuscript. [Richard Goodson Jr], ode 'Festo quid potius die Neptuni faciam' (text based on Horace's Odes III 28). Autograph score; English, early 18th century.

Upright format, 370 x 240 mm. 14 folios; collation not visible on account of the tightness of the binding; paginated 25-58 in modern pencil (superseding Goodson's own ink pagination of '1-31'). There are pastedown cancel slips (not lifted) on pp. 25 and 49. Unused ruled staves on pp. 48 and 57-8. No early bookplate. Now bound into Mus. 37, a late 18th-century guardbook bound in white parchment over boards.

Provenance: from the Goodson bequest, listed in Clement 1747 as 'Festo Quid Potius die M.S No. 27'. Clement's number-label '27' is missing; it may have been pasted to a wrapper that was discarded when the item was rebound in the 18th century.

Microfilm: manuscript music, reel 5.

For sections of a rejected draft of this work, see Mus. 1142b (ff. 46-9). For performing parts of the final version, see Mus. 1142b (f. 64) (soprano vocal part, incomplete), Mus. 1141a (ff. 8-9) (Violin 1), and Mus. 1141b (ff. 90-93) (unfigured bass).