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Mus. 1215(2)

Manuscript. [John Blow], canon 'No Lucinda I swear the temptations so sweet' for two voices and continuo. Autograph score, torn and incomplete at end; the remainder of this sheet is now Mus. 1188-9 (f. 18). English, late 17th century. The music has been copied on the reverse of a printed single-sheet folio:

Proposals for printing a new compleat book in folio, entituled, Atlas Anglicanus. By John Seller, ... John Oliver, and Richard Palmer. ... [before] Michaelmas Term 1680 ...
Oblong format, 333 x 267 mm. Pasted into a paper wrapper within a modern card folder, and mounted impermanently on a cord within an early 20th-century folder of stiff card and vellum containing all 11 sections of Mus. 1215.

Provenance unknown. Formerly shelved within the Portfolios at position I.2.δ (the reference 'I.2.δ' is written in red crayon on the recto). In Havergal Summary, the contents of that portfolio are described only in summary as '7 Latin motetts; 5 Italian cantatas, & 2 fragments; & 8 Songs & Duets &c: Anon: MS.'

Microfilm: manuscript music, reel 39.

For a full list of music manuscripts at Christ Church copied by John Blow, see the entry for Mus. 14.