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Mus. 93


Mus. 93
King, William, 1624-1680 Grove DNB
Poems of Mr. Cowley and others. Composed into songs and ayres with a thorough basse to the theorbo, harpsecon, or base-violl; by William King organist of New-Colledge in the University of Oxon.
Oxford: Imprinted by William Hall, for the author, 1668

Provenance: probably from New College, Oxford, and possibly from the Goodson bequest. In the early 19th century, this volume was shelved in the Christ Church sequence at I.3.1, adjacent to Mus. 230* (formerly I.3.2), which has William King's name on its front flyleaf. King's name also appears at the start of Mus. 88. These three items are not listed in any of the 18th-century Christ Church catalogues. King's immediate successor as organist of New College was Richard Goodson Sr., and two items of likely New College provenance - Mus. 974-8 and Mus. 1001 - did reach Christ Church as part of the Goodson bequest. Mus. 93 may therefore have arrived by the same route.

Upright format, 287 x 190 mm. Early 20th-century binding of red cloth and leather over boards; no trace remains of any earlier binding. No early bookplate. On the front flyleaf there is an index of the book's contents by Frederick York Powell.

Microfilm: The printed music of Christ Church, Oxford, reel 2.
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For another copy of this edition, trimmed, and from the Wake bequest, see 5.Z.38. Both copies are lightly annotated in manuscript, possibly by King himself, in accordance with the printed note (sig. [A2v]) that 'Some few faults have escap'd the Presse by the Authors absence; and where any Cliffe or Notes are misplac'd, you shall find the letters put under or over them, which will plainly be understood.'