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Mus. 525

Manuscript. Organ accompaniments to service music and anthems, copied jointly by Henry Aldrich (item 1) and Edward Lowe (items 2-19); English, before 1677 (on account of references to John Blow as 'Mr', not 'Dr'). For a partner volume, see Mus. 526.

Table of titles and composers as shown in the manuscript. Display in modern form.

1 Mr Orlando Gibbons [Short] Service in Ffaut [T/B/K/C/M/N] ff. 1r-11r
2 Mr Tallis [Dorian Service. T/B/K/C/M/N] ff. 11v-24r
3 Mr Bird [Short] Service [T/B/K/C/M/N] ff. 24v-36v
4 Mr [Richard] Farrant [High] Service [T/B/M/N] ff. 37r-46r
5 Dr Child [Whole] Service [in D. T/J/K/C/M/N] ff. 46v-58r
6 Dr Child [Sharp] Service in E [T/J/K/C/M/N] ff. 58v-68r
7 Dr Child O pray for the peace [of Jerusalem] ff. 68r-69r
8 Dr Child Evening [Whole] Service in F [Ca/D only] ff. 69v-72r
9 [Thomas Tallis] I call & cry [= O sacrum convivium] ff. 78v-80v
10 [Edmund Hooper] Behold it is Christ ff. 81r-82v
11 [Thomas Tallis] With all our hearts & mouths ff. 83r-84v
12 [William Byrd] O Lord make thy servant ff. 85r-86v
13 [Orlando Gibbons] Hosanna [to the Son of David] ff. 87r-89v
14 [Orlando Gibbons] Lift up y[ou]r Heads ff. 89v-92r
15 Mr [John] Mundaye O give thanks ff. 92v-96r
16 Mr [William] Tucker O give thanks unto the Lord ff. 96v-98r
17 Mr Bird Sing joyfully ff. 98v-101r
18 Mr John Blow Lord how are they increased ff. 101v-106r
19 Mr John Blow And I heard a great voice ff. 106v-119v

Upright format, 180 x 117 mm. 121 folios, foliated in modern pencil. Unused staves on ff. 72v-78r and 120r-121v. 17th-century binding of brown leather over boards, of the 'Aldrich binding' Type 1. Bookplate 2. 19th-century shelfmark: I.7.27.

Provenance: presumably from the Aldrich bequest. The earliest catalogue entry for this item is by Hind (in Dowding), where it is listed at position M.4.6 as 'Orlando Gibbons's Service in Ffaut &c.' In Mus. 525 itself, the shelfmark 'M.4.6' is written in ink of the first flyleaf.

Microfilm: manuscript music, reel 22.

This is one of the many music manuscripts at Christ Church copied by Henry Aldrich.

This is one of the many music manuscripts at Christ Church copied by Edward Lowe.