Christ Church Music Catalogue

Mus. 993

Manuscript. Cantatas by A. Scarlatti, G. Bononcini etc. Unidentified Italian copyist, c. 1700. The same copyist was also responsible for Mus. 992 and Mus. 994. The volume was bound at Christ Church in the late 18th century as part of an uncompleted binding project intended to protect previously unbound items from the Aldrich and Goodson bequests. (For a list of other volumes in related bindings, see the entry for Mus. 3.)

Table of titles and composers in modern form. Display form found in manuscript.

1 Alessandro Scarlatti Dov'è Filli, dov'è? pp. [0]-17
2 [Alessandro Scarlatti] Lontan dall'idol mio pp. 19-29
3 [?Giovanni] Bononcini Quando o bella io ti viddi pp. 29-36
4 [?Giovanni Bononcini] D'ogni puro candore pp. 39-50
5 [Alessandro Scarlatti] Balze alpestri e romite pp. 51-62
6 [?Alessandro Scarlatti] Deh per mercè l'ignudo Dio pp. 63-82
7 [Alessandro Scarlatti] Elitropio d'amor pp. 83-100
8 [Alessandro Scarlatti] Tanto strano è l'amor mio pp. 103-118
9   Ove frà verdi sponde pp. 119-134
10 [?Alessandro Scarlatti] Al fine, o Clori amata pp. 135-147
11 [Alessandro Scarlatti] Aure io son di voi geloso pp. 151-166
12 [Alessandro Scarlatti] A voi che l'accendeste pp. 167-198
13 Francesco Gasparini E che farai pp. 199-213
14 Alessandro Scarlatti [?] Come potesti mai pp. 215-238

Oblong format, 280 x 210 mm. 120 folios, of which ff. 2r-120v are paginated '1-238' in modern pencil. Collation largely unclear on account of the tightness of the binding, but apparently 12 fascicles, numbered '1-12' in 18th-century pencil, the majority of which contain a single cantata. (Fascicle 2 contains cantatas 2-3; fascicles 4 contains cantatas 5-6.) The current order and organization of the fascicles probably dates from the late 18th-century, when the volume was bound. Space for a decorative capital has been left at the start of several cantatas; this has been filled only for cantata 14, on p. 217. (An image of it can be viewed here.) Unused ruled staves on f. 1v and pp. 18, 37-8, 101-2, 148-50 and 214. Late 18th-century binding of white parchment over boards, undecorated except for two parallel fillets at edges. Spine in contrasting brown leather; on spine, a red leather inset, tooled in gold: 'CANTATE / DEL ALESSANDRO / SCARLATTI'. Nothing remains of any earlier binding. Bookplate 2 on inside upper cover. 19th-century shelfmark: G.4, subsequently changed to G.5.

Provenance: from the Goodson bequest, listed in Clement 1747 as 'Cantate [subsequently changed to 'Cantata'] Del Segr. Alessandro Scallatti M.S. No. 47'. Clement's number '47' is written on the front flyleaf, not in Clement's own hand. Bookplate 2. 19th-century shelfmark: G.5.

Microfilm: manuscript music, reel 57.