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Printed. Two leaves from an unidentified and seemingly unrecorded printed processional, apparently of the Use of Hereford, dating probably from the 1540s. Used as flyleaves in a copy of Opus historiarum nostro seculo (Basel, 1540).

The music and text fonts used to print the processional appear to be those associated with the Antwerp printer Catherine van Ruremund in the early 1540s; they occur, for example, in Hymnorum cum notis opusculum usui insignis ecclesie Sarum subserviens (Antwerp: [colophon:] in officina vidue Christophori Ruremundenum impressum: sumptibus et impensis Joannis Coccii, 1541 (July)), a copy of which is located at Gibbs 229. The layout of the processional resembles that of the hymnal in every respect. Dimensions of pages (apparently untrimmed): c. 193 x 145 mm.

No Hereford processional, manuscript or printed, is known to exist, and the identification of this fragmentary book therefore depends upon liturgical evidence. The two surviving leaves contain portions of responsories 4-6 for the procession before Mass on Palm Sunday, the texts and order of which correspond to those of the Hereford Missal, but not to the Sarum or York Missals. Details as follows:

  • Front flyleaf (folded): [f. lii], = sig. g.iiii. / Recto: the upper half of the leaf is largely concealed under Bookplate 2; the lower half has rubrics, and the opening of Responsory 4, 'Insurrexerunt in me'. / Verso: 'Insurrexerunt' continued.
  • Rear flyleaf (folded): f. liii, = [sig. g.v]. / Recto: end of 'Insurrexerunt'; then opening of Responsory 5, 'Noli esse mihi'. / Verso: end of 'Noli esse mihi'; then opening of Responsory 6, 'Dominus mecum est' (incomplete at end).
Host volume (Opus historiarum nostro seculo (Basel, 1540)): upright format, 155 x 100 mm; mid 16th-century binding of brown leather over boards, blind-tooled with rolls and fillets. Provenance: from the library of Robert Burton; see Nicolas K. Kiessling, The Library of Robert Burton (Oxford, 1988), p. 217, item 1150.

Microfilm: not included in the standard microfilm series.


William George Henderson, Missale ad usum percelebris Ecclesiae Herfordensis (Leeds, 1874; repr. Farnborough, 1969); the relevant portion of the Palm Sunday liturgy is given at p. 80. Find in a Library

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