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Mus. 949

This is one of the many manuscripts of 17th-century Italian cantatas now in Christ Church Library.

Manuscript. Cantatas for solo voice and continuo by Giacomo Carissimi, Luigi Rossi, Pietro Simone Agostini and others; single unidentified Italian copyist, probably last quarter of 17th century.

Table of titles and composers in modern form. Display form found in manuscript.

1 Pietro Simone Agostini Già il sonno ff. 1r-5v
2 Giacomo Carissimi Almeno un pensiero ff. 7r-12v
3 Giacomo Carissimi Non chiede altro che vita ff. 13r-18r
4 Giacomo Carissimi Bel tempo per me se n'andò ff. 19r-22v
5 Giacomo Carissimi È bello l'ardire ff. 23r-28r
6 Giacomo Carissimi Filli, non t'amo piu ff. 29r-34v
7 Luigi Rossi Si, v'ingannate, si ff. 35r-40v
8 Luigi Rossi Querelatevi di me ff. 41r-44r
9 Luigi Rossi Mai no'l dirò ff. 45r-48v
10 Luigi Rossi E che cantar poss'io ff. 49r-54r
11 Luigi Rossi Si tocchi tamburo (from 'Il palazzo incantato') ff. 55r-60r
12 Luigi Rossi Presso un ruscel sedea un uom ff. 61r-68v
13 Luigi Rossi Occhi ardenti, pupille belle ff. 69r-72v
14 Luigi Rossi Non c'è che dire ff. 73r-76v
15 Luigi Rossi Occhi belli, occhi vezzosi ff. 77r-79r
16 Luigi Rossi Che sventura, son tant'anni ff. 81r-84r
17 Carissimi, Marazzoli or Rossi Con incerta speranza ff. 85r-90v
18   Indovinala, mio core ff. 91r-94r
19   Mancavano tormenti ff. 95r-101r

Oblong format, 285 x 125 mm. Structure: I+101+i leaves, foliated in late 17th-century ink. The volume has been assembled from the following fascicles, each of which contains a single musical item.

  • Item 1: one gathering: A6 (= ff. 1-6). Unused ruled staves on ff. 6r-v.
  • Item 2: one gathering: B6 (= ff. 7-12).
  • Item 3: one gathering: C6 (= ff. 13-18). Unused ruled staves on f. 18v.
  • Item 4: one gathering: D4 (= ff. 19-22).
  • Item 5: one gathering: E6 (= ff. 23-8). Unused ruled staves on f. 28v.
  • Item 6: one gathering: F6 (= ff. 29-34).
  • Item 7: one gathering: G6 (= ff. 35-40).
  • Item 8: one gathering: H4 (= ff. 41-4). Unused ruled staves on f. 44v.
  • Item 9: one gathering: I4 (= ff. 45-8).
  • Item 10: one gathering: J6 (= ff. 49-54). Unused ruled staves on f. 54v.
  • Item 11: one gathering: K6 (= ff. 55-60). Unused ruled staves on f. 60v.
  • Item 12: one gathering: L8 (= ff. 61-8).
  • Item 13: one gathering: M4 (= ff. 69-72).
  • Item 14: one gathering: N4 (= ff. 73-6).
  • Item 15: one gathering: O4 (= ff. 77-80). Unused ruled staves on ff. 79v-80v.
  • Item 16: one gathering: P4 (= ff. 81-4). Unused ruled staves on f. 84v.
  • Item 17: one gathering: Q6 (= ff. 85-90).
  • Item 18: one gathering: R4 (= ff. 91-4). Unused ruled staves on f. 94v.
  • Item 19: two gatherings: S6, T2 (= ff. 95-100, 101-[endleaf ii]). Unused ruled staves on f. 101v.
Decorative strapwork capitals have been supplied throughout, some with pictorial detail depicting ships, castles, birds, animals and grotesque faces. The capital on f. 19r is drawn on a separate slip and has been pasted into place. Index of contents on rear flyleaf [iir] in an Italian hand (not that of the copyist), with annotations in ink in an unidentified English hand of ?c.1700, and in pencil by Havergal. On the music pages themselves, various hands have added composer attributions to the cantatas; a few attributions may have been supplied by the copyist, but the majority are later additions. Late 17th-century Italian binding of limp cream vellum, varnished, and tooled in black with a centrepiece, cornerpieces and fillets; gilt edges; stubs of ties at the upper, lower and fore edges. The inside upper cover is annotated 'Libbro 3', placing this volume within a sequence of other cantata manuscripts now at Christ Church. Annotation in ink on the inside lower cover, c. 1700: 'Sigr. Anton'. Pencil jottings by Malchair on front flyleaf, summarizing composer attributions. Bookplate 2 on the inside upper cover. 19th-century shelfmark: E.1.14.

Provenance: from the Aldrich bequest, listed in Dowding at shelfmark Q1 as 'Italian Cantatas / in five Volumes with their Basses'; this entry also covers Mus. 946,Mus. 947, Mus. 948 and Mus. 952. In Mus. 949 itself, the shelfmark 'Q.1. Vol. 4' is writen on the front flyleaf.

The description and inventory above incorporate information kindly supplied by Margaret Murata and Michael Talbot.

Microfilm: manuscript music, reel 51.