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Mus. 619 (ff. 31-2)

Manuscript. Sampson Estwick, Oxford Act song 'Julio festas referente luces'; autograph composing score; English, c. 1680. According to Trowles (ii, p. 71): 'author [of text] unknown ... First performed at the Sheldonian Theatre [Oxford], reign of Charles II'. Parts for this work: Oxford, Bodleian Library, Mus. Sch. C. 126. For another copy of the work, see London, Royal College of Music, MS 221, pp. 113-30 (copied by Philip Hayes).

Two single sheets, both oblong format, c. 460 x 375 mm., folded twice vertically. As bound into Mus. 619, the pages are numbered 'No 1 / No 3 / No 2 / No 4'. Now bound into Mus. 619, a late 18th-century guardbook bound in white parchment over boards.

Provenance: almost certainly from the Goodson bequest, together with the other contents of Mus. 619.

Microfilm: manuscript music, reel 26.


Tony A. Trowles, The Musical Ode in Britain c.1670-1800 (unpublished D.Phil. dissertation, University of Oxford, 1992). Find in a Library

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