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Mus. 619 (ff. 1-5)

Manuscript. [Henry Aldrich (after Carissimi)], Oxford Act song 'Consurge tandem'; incomplete autograph fair copy of full score (ff. 1-4) and fragments of draft composing score (f. 5). Annotation on f. 1r in an unidentified 18th-century hand: 'Act Song adapted by Dr Aldrich probably to music of Carissimi except the overture'. According to Trowles (ii., p. 12): 'Words by Leopold Finch, selected from 'Cursus Novi Fori' published in Musarum Anglicanarum (Oxford, 1692), i, 165-71. First performed [at the Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford], c. 1692'.

Upright format, 377 x 237 mm. Four sheets (= probably 2 adjacent bifiolios), followed by a single sheet (f. 5). Now bound into Mus. 619, a late 18th-century guardbook bound in white parchment over boards.

Provenance: almost certainly from the Goodson bequest, together with the other contents of Mus. 619.

Microfilm: manuscript music, reel 26.


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  • Robert Shay, '"Naturalizing" Palestrina and Carissimi in Late Seventeenth-Century Oxford: Henry Aldrich and his Recompositions', Music and Letters, 77 (1996), 368-400. Find in a Library
This is one of the many music manuscripts at Christ Church copied by Henry Aldrich.