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Mus. 614

Manuscript. Contrafacta and other adaptations by Henry Aldrich, copied in score by John Church; English, early 18th century. Evidently a partner volume to Mus. 50.

The contents are arranged in two sequences:

  • items 1-11: verse anthems;
  • items 12-24: full anthems.

Table of titles and composers in modern form. Display form found in manuscript.

1 Orlando Gibbons (arr. Henry Aldrich) Blessed is the man (= Glorious and powerful God) pp. 1-8
2 Henry Aldrich (after Carissimi?) God is our refuge pp. 9-16
3 Henry Aldrich (after Carissimi?) Oh how amiable pp. 17-24
4 Henry Aldrich (after Carissimi) Haste thee, O Lord my God (= O dulcissimum Mariae nomen + final chorus of Jephte) pp. 25-31
5 Henry Aldrich (after Carissimi) O Lord, I will praise thee (derived from Laudemus virum gloriosum + Dicite nobis) pp. 31-41
6 Michael Wise (arr. Henry Aldrich) Thy beauty, O Israel (= How are the mighty fallen) pp. 42-51
7 Henry Aldrich (after Carissimi) For Sion's sake (derived from Egredimini caelestes curiae + Suscitavit Dominus + Annunciate gentes) pp. 52-62
8 Henry Aldrich (after Carissimi?) O pray for the peace of Jerusalem pp. 63-72
9 Henry Aldrich (after Carissimi) I am well pleased (= Praevaluerunt in nos inimici + Vidi impium superexaltatum) pp. 73-86
10 Henry Aldrich (after Carissimi?) Behold in heaven, on the right hand pp. 87-97
11 John Bull (arr. Henry Aldrich) O Lord my God (= Almighty God, who by the leading) pp. 98-107
12 Henry Aldrich (after an unidentified model) All people that on earth do dwell *1 - *4
13 Richard Farrant (arr. Henry Aldrich) Call to remembrance *4 - *7
14 Richard Farrant (arr. Henry Aldrich) Hide not thou thy face from us *8 - *10
15 Henry Aldrich (after an unidentified model) By the waters of Babylon *11 - *14
16 Henry Aldrich (after Palestrina) Why art thou so vexed (= Ave Maria) *15 - *18
17 Henry Aldrich (after Palestrina) My heart is fixed (= Nos autem gloriari) *19 - *23
18 Henry Aldrich (after Palestrina) Hold not thy tongue (= Nativitas tua) *24 - *27
19 Henry Aldrich (after Palestrina) O God the king of glory (= O rex gloriae) *28 - *32
20 Henry Aldrich (after Palestrina) The eye of the Lord (= Jesus junxit se) *32 - *36
21 Henry Aldrich (after Palestrina) We have heard with our ears (= Doctor bonus) *37 - *43
22 Henry Aldrich (after Tallis) I look for the Lord (from Absterge Domine) *44 - *49
23 Henry Aldrich (after Byrd) Be not wroth (= Civitas sancti tui) *50 - *55
24 Henry Aldrich (after William Mundy) O Lord, I bow the knees *56 - *61

Upright format, 333 x 207 mm. 24 gatherings, each of 2 nested bifolios (= 4 folios); 96 folios in total. Of these, gatherings 1 and 24 were used as endleaves or pastedowns, and are unpaginated; Church's index to the volume is written on f.[4r]. The remaining gatherings are arranged as follows:

  • Gatherings 2-15: assigned signatures A-O by Church, and paginated 1-112.
  • Gatherings 16-23: assigned signatures A-H by Church, and paginated 1-64. This second sequence of pagination is now distinguished from the first by prefixed asterisks, *1-*64. (Asterisks were added to these pages in 1990, and will not be present in microfilms made before that date.)

Unused ruled staves on pp. 108-112 and *62-64. Contemporary binding of dark blue leather over boards, gold tooled with fillets and small ornaments on the upper and lower covers and spine. Bookplate 2. 19th-century shelfmark: I.8.15

Provenance: from the Aldrich bequest, listed in Dowding (main hand) at position P6 as 'A Vol. of 11 Verse & 13 full Anthems / of Dr Aldrich fairly wrote'. The shelfmark 'P.6' has been written by Hind on the front flyleaf of the volume.

Microfilm: manuscript music, reel 25.

For a full list of manuscripts at Christ Church copied by John Church, see the entry for Mus. 50.


Robert Shay (ed.), Henry Aldrich: Selected Anthems and Motet Recompositions, Recent Researches in the Music of the Baroque Era, 85 (Madison, 1998): includes editions of items 5, 7, 9, 17, 21 and 23. Find in a Library