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Mus. 6

Manuscript. Organ accompanments for services and anthems; copyist unidentified; English, c. 1620-35. Possibly a partner to the set of four vocal partbooks now New York, Public Library, MS Mus. Res. *MNZ (Chirk), which were compiled by the same copyist, and which substantially overlap in contents. The volume is incomplete, lacking ff. 25-42, 55, and an unknown number of leaves at the rear. This is one of the many manuscript sources of keyboard music at Christ Church.

Table of titles and composers in modern form. Display form found in manuscript.

1 Thomas Tallis Short Service (V/T/B/K/C/O/M/N) ff. 1r-4v
2 William Mundy O Lord, the maker of all things ff. 4v-5r
3 William Parsons Almighty God, whose kingdom is everlasting f. 5r
4 William Deane Short Service [T/B/K/C/M/N] ff. 5v-9r
5 William Deane Lord, in thy wrath f. 9r
6 Orlando Gibbons Short Service [T/B/K/C/M/N] ff. 9v-12r
7 Thomas Tallis If ye love me f. 10r
8 Christopher Tye Blessed are all they that fear the Lord f. 12v
9 John Sheppard or Christopher Tye Haste Thee, O God, to deliver me f. 13r
10 Christopher Tye Save me, O God, for thy name's sake f. 13v
11 John Sheppard O God, be merciful unto us f. 14r
12 Nicholas Strogers Short Service [T/B/K/C/M/N] ff. 14v-18r
13 Christopher Tye O God, be merciful unto us ff. 18v-19r
14 [John?] Boyce If ye love me f. 19r
15 John Lugge Short Service [T/B/K/C/M/N] ff. 19v-23r
16 William Parsons or Thomas Tallis Out from the deep I call to thee f. 23r
17   (later sketch, in pencil) f. 24v
18 Thomas Tallis I call and cry (= O sacrum convivium) f. 43r
19 William Mundy O Lord, I bow the knees of my heart ff. 43v-44r
20 Edmund Hooper Behold, it is Christ f. 44r
21 Thomas Morley Out of the deep [I]: first accompaniment = EECM 38/12 ff. 44v-45r
22 Thomas Tomkins Thou art my king, O God: first accompaniment ff. 45r-46r
23 Richard Farrant When as we sat in Babylon ff. 46v-47r
24 William Byrd Hear my prayer, O Lord, and consider f. 47r
25 William Byrd Thou God, that guidest both heaven and earth f. 47v
26 William Byrd Teach me, O Lord [from Second Preces and Psalm 119:33] f. 48r
27 John Amner The king shall rejoice ff. 48v-49r
28 John Amner O magnify the Lord our God ff. 49v-50r
29 John Amner Lord, in thy wrath reprove me not ff. 50r-51r
30 John Amner My shepherd is the living Lord ff. 51r-v
31 Thomas Morley Out of the deep [I]: second accompaniment = EECM 38/3 ff. 51v-52r
32 Orlando Gibbons Glorious and powerful God ff. 52v-53r
33 Thomas Tomkins Thou art my king, O God: second accompaniment ff. 53v-54r
34 John Ward Let God arise [opening only] f. 54v
35 John Mundy O Lord our governor [ending only] f. 56r
36 Michael East When Israel came out of Egypt f. 56v
37 William Deane Blessed are those that are undefiled f. 57r
38 Adrian Batten O Lord, thou hast searched me out ff. 57v-58r
39 Robert Parsons (ii) How many hired servants [opening only] f. 58v

Upright format, 405 x 277 mm. Structure: i+39 leaves. Collation: originally ten or more gatherings, foliated by the copyist, each of three quired bifolia. Of these, the following survive: ff. 1-24 (= A6, B6, C6, D6, all intact); ff. 43-54 (= H6, I6, both intact), and ff. 56-8 (leaves 2-4 of gathering J, wanting J1 and 5-6). Mid 17th-century binding of vellum over stiff card; the volume appears to have been bound without gatherings E-G (ff. 25-42) or any gatherings after J. There are four pastedown cancels on f. 54r; these have not been lifted. Bookplate 2. 19th-century shelfmark: H.1.6.

Provenance: if directly connected with the New York partbooks mentioned above, then probably compiled for use in the chapel of Chirk Castle (Clwyd); otherwise possibly for Wrexham parish church. The volume had reached Christ Church by the mid 18th century, probably as part of the Aldrich bequest. A deleted shelfmark on the recto of the front flyleaf begins with the letter 'C'; this may link Mus. 6 with the otherwise unidentified volume listed in Archives 1717, position C20, as 'A Collection of Services'. This entry was subsequently deleted in Archives 1717, implying that the volume had been re-shelved. The earliest explicit catalogue entry for Mus. 6 is by Hind in Archives 1717, item H65, where it is listed as 'Mr Tallis's Short Service &c Fol. MS' (this entry subsequently deleted, then recopied without change); in Mus. 6 itself, the shelfmark 'H.65' is written on the front flyleaf (with several deleted alternatives), and on the spine.

Microfilm: manuscript music, reel 1.

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