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Mus. 51

Manuscript. Cantatas by Giacomo Carissimi, copied in score by Richard Goodson Sr; English, late 17th century. This is one of the many manuscripts of 17th-century Italian cantatas now in Christ Church Library.

  • Item 22 in the inventory below: there is a complete copy of this cantata in Mus. 998/3.
This is one of the many music manuscripts at Christ Church copied by Richard Goodson Sr.

Table of titles and composers in modern form. Display form found in manuscript.
The first column gives the modern numbering of the pieces; the second shows numbering used by the copyist(s).

1 1 Giacomo Carissimi Risvegliatemi, pensieri pp. 1-6
2 2 Giacomo Carissimi Va, va, dimanda al mio pensiero pp. 7-10
3 3 Giacomo Carissimi È bello l'ardire pp. 11-15
4 4 Giacomo Carissimi No, no, mio core, non ingolfarti pp. 16-20
5 5 Giacomo Carissimi Son pur giunta ad amare pp. 21-26
6 6 Giacomo Carissimi Ardeva in tanto foco pp. 27-32
7 7 Giacomo Carissimi Non chiede altro che vita pp. 33-38
8 8 Giacomo Carissimi Insuperbito il Tebro pp. 39-46
9 9 Giacomo Carissimi Io dissi sempre che l'amare pp. 47-50
10 10 Giacomo Carissimi Un infelice core amò pp. 51-58
11 11 Giacomo Carissimi Mesto in sen d'un antro ombroso pp. 59-68
12 12 Giacomo Carissimi Deh, contentatevi ch'io mi lamenti pp. 69-73
13 13 Giacomo Carissimi In un mar' di pensieri pp. 74-78
14 14 Giacomo Carissimi Si dia bando alla speranza pp. 79-81
15 15 Giacomo Carissimi Fuggi, o mio core, dal seno pp. 82-89
16 16 Giacomo Carissimi Bel tempo per me se n'andò pp. 90-93
17 17 Giacomo Carissimi Almeno un pensiero pp. 94-99
18 18 Giacomo Carissimi Filli, non t'amo piu pp. 100-104
19 19 Giacomo Carissimi O la, pensieri, o la pp. 105-113
20 20 Giacomo Carissimi Sin che havrò spirto e vita pp. 114-115
21 21 Giacomo Carissimi Nella più verde età pp. 116-128
22 22 Giacomo Carissimi Ardo, lassa, o non ardo? (incomplete at end) pp. 129-133

Upright format, 333 x 215 mm. Structure: ii + 106 + ii leaves. Folios 1-67r have been paginated by the following hands: pp. 1-73 in ink by Goodson Sr; pp. 74-105 in ink, probably by Burney; pp. 106-111 in ink, probably by Malchair; pp. 113-33 in modern pencil (paginated on rectos only). Unused ruled staves from f. 67v-end; these leaves have not been paginated. Collation of ff. 1-68 (= pp. 1-[136]): 17 gatherings each of two quired bifolia (A4, B4, etc.); the collation of the remaining leaves has not been researched. Late 17th-century binding of thick grey card; the edges and spine are crudely reinforced with vellum. Outside upper cover annotated in ink by an unidentified 18th-century hand: 'Cantate del Giacomo Carissimi'. Bookplate 2 on inside upper cover. The cantatas have been numbered '1-22' by Burney at the head of each piece. 19th-century shelfmark: I.1.15.

Provenance: probably from the Aldrich bequest (on the evidence of the bookplate). The earliest reference to this volume is by Hind (in Dowding), where it is covered by the blanket description of volumes at position O: '18 Vols. of Musick, chiefly M.S. mark'd on the Backs, A. B. C. C.2. D. D.2. E. E.2. F. H. I. K. L. M. M.2. N. O. P. Q. T.' In Mus. 51 itself, the shelfmark 'C2' is written in ink at the head of the spine, and the letter 'C' on the outside lower cover.

Microfilm: manuscript music, reel 47.