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Mus. 49 (pp. 66-87)

Manuscript. Three anthems by William Norris and Daniel Purcell. Copyist unidentified; English, early 18th century.

Table of titles and composers in modern form. Display form found in manuscript.

1 William Norris In Jewry is God known pp. 66-71
2 Daniel Purcell O let my mouth be filled with thy praise pp. 72-78
3 Daniel Purcell My God, my God, look upon me pp. 79-84

Upright format, 315 x 200 mm. Two or more fascicles comprising eleven folios in total; collation unclear on account of the tightness of the binding. Now bound as pp. 66-87 of Mus. 49, a late 18th-century guardbook bound in white parchment over boards; pagination is modern. Pages 66-84 were originally paginated '1-19' by the copyist. Unused ruled staves on pp. 85-7. There is a pastedown slip at the centre of p. 10; this has not been lifted.

Provenance unknown, but presumably from either the Aldrich or the Goodson bequest.

Microfilm: manuscript music, reel 6.


Jonathan P. Wainwright, Musical Patronage in Seventeenth-Century England: Christopher, First Baron Hatton (1605-1670) (Aldershot and Brookfield VT, 1997), pp. 378-82. Find in a Library