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Mus. 49 (pp. 152-91)

Manuscript. One of a pair of partbooks (the other is now Mus. 1178) originally containing the upper voice-part with basso continuo of five motets for two voices and continuo by Giovanni Felice Sances (nos. 2-6 below), copied by Charles Husbands Sr, to which further motets by Sances (nos. 1, 7) were subsequently added collaboratively by Edward Lowe (basso continuo) and Francis Withy (voice part and text). Item 8 is a single voice-part, copied by Lowe. English, c. 1670-80.

Table of titles and composers in modern form. Display form found in manuscript.

1 Giovanni Felice Sances Ardet cor meum et anima mea pp. 152-157
2 Felice Sances Judica me Deus pp. 160-164
3 Felice Sances Domine ne memineris pp. 165-169
4 Felice Sances Tota pulchra es, amica mea pp. 169-174
5 Felice Sances Deus in adiutorium pp. 175-178
6 Felice Sances Laudemus viros gloriosos pp. 179-183
7 Giovanni Felice Sances Laetamini in Domino pp. 184-189
8 Marco Marazzoli Amanti, sentite Amor p. 190

Upright format, 303 x 200 mm. Nested fascicle of 10 bifolios (= 20 folios in total), of which the central six bifolios (= 12 folios; pp. 160-83) form the core copied by Charles Husbands Sr (and are paginated '1-24' by him). The surrounding four bifolios (pp. 152-9, 184-91) are of paper with a different watermark. (The partner partbook, Mus. 1178, has an identical gathering structure.) Pagination is modern. Unused ruled staves on pp. 158-9 and 191. Now bound as pp. 152-91 of Mus. 49.

Provenance unknown, but presumably from either the Aldrich or the Goodson bequest.

For a citation of this partbook and its partner, see the comment by Lowe on f. 1r of Mus. 1151.

Microfilm: manuscript music, reel 6.


Jonathan P. Wainwright, Musical Patronage in Seventeenth-Century England: Christopher, First Baron Hatton (1605-1670) (Aldershot and Brookfield VT, 1997), pp. 378-82. Find in a Library