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Mus. 45

Manuscript. Sections of votive antiphons, Magnificats, and other Latin-texted works, copied in table-book format. Copyists unidentified; English, last quarter of 16th century. The principal copyist was responsible for all except items 1 and 37, which were added by two different hands.

Table of titles and composers in modern form. Display form found in manuscript.

1   Speciosa facta es [Incomplete] f. 2r
2 Robert White O vos omnes [From Lamentations a5] ff. 2v-3r
3 Robert White Veniant mihi [From 'Manus tuae fecerunt me'] ff. 3v-4r
4 Robert White Sicut ablactatus [From 'Domine non est exaltatum'] ff. 4v-5r
5 Robert White Domine non est exaltatum [Opening only] ff. 5v-6r
6 Robert White Sicut locutus est [From Magnificat a6] ff. 6v-7r
7 William Mundy Sicut locutus est [From a Magnificat] ff. 7v-8r
8 John Sheppard Sicut locutus est [From Magnificat a6] ff. 8v-9r
9 Robert Parsons Sicut erat in principio [From Magnificat a6] ff. 9v-10r
10 Robert Parsons Sicut locutus est [From Magnificat a6] ff. 10v-11r
11 Robert White Sicut erat in principio [From Magnificat a6] ff. 11v-12r
12 John Taverner Et semine eius [From Magnificat a6] ff. 12v-13r
13 John Taverner Esurientes [From Magnificat a6] ff. 13v-14r
14 William Mundy Quia fecit mihi magna [From a Magnificat] ff. 14v-15r
15 John Sheppard Quia fecit mihi magna [From Magnificat a6] ff. 15v-16r
16 Christopher Tye Quia fecit mihi magna [From Magnificat a5] ff. 16v-17r
17 Robert White Quia fecit mihi magna [From Magnificat a6] ff. 17v-18r
18 John Taverner Quia fecit mihi magna [From Magnificat a6] ff. 18v-19r
19 Christopher Tye Unde nostris [From a lost 'Post partum virgo'] ff. 19v-20r
20 Robert Parsons O quam glorifica f. 21r
21 William Byrd Alleluia. Confitemini ff. 21v-22r
22 John Taverner Traditur militibus [From lost sequence] ff. 22v-23r
23 Robert White Manus tuae fecerunt me [Opening only] ff. 23v-24r
24 Robert White Peccatum peccavit [From Lamentations a6] ff. 24v-25r
25 Christopher Tye Ave caput Christi [Opening only] ff. 25v-26r
26 Thomas Tallis Gaude gloriosa [Opening only] ff. 26v-27r
27 Christopher Tye Tellus flumina [From a lost sequence] ff. 27v-28r
28 William Byrd Sanctus ff. 27v-28r
29 John Taverner Sicut locutus est [From Magnificat a6] ff. 28v-29r
30 John Taverner Sicut erat in principio [From Magnificat a6] ff. 29v-30r
31 Robert Parsons Quia fecit mihi magna [From Magnificat a6] ff. 30v-31r
32 William Mundy Et sanctum nomen eius [From a Magnificat] ff. 31v-32r
33 Nicholas Strogers Esurientes [From a Magnificat] ff. 32v-33r
34 John Sheppard Sicut erat in principio [From Magnificat a6] ff. 33v-34r
35 Robert White Et sanctum nomen eius [From Magnificat a6] ff. 34v-35r
36   Et sanctum nomen eius [From a Magnificat] ff. 35v-36r
37 William Byrd Infelix ego [Opening only] f. 36v
38 John Sheppard Laudes Deo ff. 37v-39r
39 Nicholas Strogers Sicut locutus est ff. 39v-40r
40   Ego sum vestra redemptio ff. 39v-40r

Upright format, 283 x 215 mm. 39 folios, foliated '2-40' by a sixteenth-century hand (partly trimmed and replaced in modern pencil); the original f.1 is missing. Collation unknown on account of the tightness of the binding. The following pages are blank: ff. 20v, 37r, 40v. Late 18th-century binding of white parchment over boards, undecorated except for two parallel fillets at edges. Spine in contrasting brown leather; on spine, a red leather inset, tooled in gold: 'MUSICA / SACRA / M.S.'. Nothing remains of any earlier binding. The volume was bound at Christ Church in the late 18th century as part of an uncompleted binding project intended to protect previously unbound items from the Aldrich and Goodson bequests. (For a list of other volumes in related bindings, see the entry for Mus. 3.) Bookplate 2. 19th-century shelfmarks: H.1.9, then I.1.9.

Provenance unknown, but presumably from either the Aldrich or Goodson bequests. Not mentioned in any early catalogue before Malchair 1787, where it is listed (f. 3) as 'An Antient Italian M.S. requiring / more studdy to make out than can bee / aforded at Catalogue making time / Quarto Vol. vellum bound' (identified as 'Italian' perhaps because the contents are mostly Latin-texted extracts from pre-Reformation Magnificats and votive antiphons).

Microfilm: manuscript music, reel 6.