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Mus. 438

Manuscript. Begun as a song-book, possibly for the 'Mrs Anne Bayley' whose name appears on the pastedown to the inside upper and lower covers (together with the date '1645'); voice parts only, copied by Edward Lowe. Latterly used by Lowe for copying organ accompaniments to service music and anthems, and for miscellaneous musical jottings. The accompaniments partly duplicate the contents of Mus. 1220-4, and may therefore have been used at Christ Church Cathedral at a time when no other organ-book was available there. Copying of Mus. 438 was still in progress in or after 1663 (to judge from item 20, which is attributed to 'Dr Child'; Child was awarded his Oxford doctorate in that year). This is one of the many music manuscripts at Christ Church copied by Edward Lowe.

Table of titles and composers as shown in the manuscript. Display in modern form.

1 Dr [John] wilson fayrest Theina lett mee Know f. 1r
2   Come away, 'tis night [dialogue with chorus; here opening with the words 'Looke up sadd soule'] ff. 1v-1*r
3 [John Wilson] Greedy Lover pawse awhile f. 1*v
4   Here lyeth Charles the first [words only, incomplete] f. 2r
5   Harke Caelia harke f. 3r
6   [unidentified fragment in keyboard score] f. 3v
7 [William Byrd] Wee praise [= Short Service: T, opening only] f. 4v
8 Mr [Adrian] Batten [Short Service in d sol re: T] ff. 4*v-6r
9 [Thomas] tallis [Short Service: C] ff. 6v-8r
10 [William] Bird [Short Service: C (five-voice version)] ff. 8r-9r
11 [Adrian] Battin [Short Service in d sol re: C/K] ff. 9v-10v
12 [Elway Bevin] [First Service: T] ff. 11r-12v
13 [Adrian] Battin [Short Service in d sol re: J, here labelled 'Benedicttus'] ff. 13v-14r
14 [Elway Bevin] [First Service: Bs] ff. 14v-16r
15 Mr [Adrian] Batten [Short Service in d sol re: M/N] ff. 16v-18r
16 Mr [William] Bird [Short Service: T/B/M/N/K] ff. 18v-23r
17 Mr [Thomas] Tallis [Short Service: T/K] ff. 23v-24v
18 [Richard Farrant] Hide not thou thy face f. 25r
19 Mr [Thomas] Tallis [Short Service: B/M/N] ff. 25v-27r
20 Dr [William] Child Praise the Lord O my soule [I] ff. 28v-29r
21 Mr [Adrian] Batten Hast thee O God [I] ff. 29v-30r
22 [Adrian Batten] O praise the Lord all yee heathen [I] f. 30v
23 [Richard Farrant] Call to remembrance f. 31r
24 [Adrian Batten] Deliver us o Lord f. 31v

Upright format, 295 x 200 mm. 33 folios, foliated, 1, 1*, 2-4, 4*, and 5-31; foliation is in modern pencil. Collation not ascertained because of the tightness of the binding. Unused ruled staves on ff. 2v, 4r, 4*r, 13r, 17v and 27v-28r. Mid 17th-century binding of brown leather over boards, with gold-tooled fillets on the upper and lower covers, enclosing a central gold-tooled ornament on the upper cover only; rebacked and repaired in the early 20th century. Inside upper cover bears the names 'Mrs Anne Baylie' and 'Mr E Lowe', both apparently in Lowe's handwriting; inside lower cover variously inscribed 'Mrs Anne baylie her booke' (three times), '1645', 'Potley', 'Sara Bailye' and 'SB'. No early bookplate. 19th-century shelfmarks: I.5.48. The index of contents on the front flyleaf is by York Powell.

Provenance uncertain. The absence of an early bookplate, and the fact that the volume is not mentioned in any of the 18th-century catalogues of the Christ Church music collections, implies that it was not part of the Aldrich bequest. Possibly on Lowe's death it passed to other organists at Christ Church Cathedral (in view of its useful collection of organ accompaniments for services and anthems), and thence to Richard Goodson Sr. If so, it may have reached Christ Church as part of the Goodson bequest. There is no evidence to suggest that Mus. 438 was ever regarded as Cathedral property, and it did not reach Christ Church Library as part of the transfer of the Cathedral's music-books that took place in the 20th century.

Microfilm: manuscript music, reel 18.


J. Bunker Clark, Transposition in Seventeenth Century English Organ Accompaniments and the Transposing Organ (Detroit, 1974), 60 and 129-30. Find in a Library