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Mus. 436

Manuscript. Organ-book containing English consort music and Italian madrigals, copied by Stephen Bing; English, 1630s or later. A component of the so-called 'Great Set', which also includes a score-book Mus. 2, and three partbook sets Mus. 397-400, Mus. 401-2 and Mus. 403-8. For a full bibliographical description of the 'Great Set' with parallel inventories of its component volumes, see the Bibliography below (items 1 or 2).

Mus. 436 was envisaged as a three-layer anthology, comprising works for 4, 5, and 6 voices. The four-voice layer (items 1-40) appears to be complete; it is followed by 17 pages of unused ruled staves (ff. 40v-48v). The five- and six-voice layers, conversely, include many pages ruled with unused staves on which further pieces could be added. Thus both the five-voice layer (items 41-120) and the six-voice layer (items 121-43) include spans of pages with unused staves. The incomplete nature of the manuscript is further suggested by the fact that Bing supplied neither titles not composer attributions for any of the pieces he copied; nor did he add foliation or piece-numbers, or prepare an index of contents.

In the late 17th century, Mus. 436 (and indeed the whole of the 'Great Set') was acquired by Henry Adrich. He left his mark on Mus. 436 by annotating the opening pieces in the five-voice layer (items 41-64), for which he provided text-incipits, composers' names and a numbering system, all added in ink; these annotations are reproduced in the inventory below (when displayed in the 'form found in manuscript'). In the 19th and 20th centuries, further identifications were added in pencil by readers, cataloguers and librarians; these markings are not shown in the inventory below.

Table of titles and composers in modern form. Display form found in manuscript.
The first column gives the modern numbering of the pieces; the second shows numbering used by the copyist(s).

1   John Bull Fantasia a4 f. 1r
2   Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Fantasia a4 (VdGS 1) ff. 1v-2r
3   Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Fantasia a4 (VdGS 2) ff. 2v-3r
4   Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Fantasia a4 (VdGS 3) ff. 3v-4r
5   Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Fantasia a4 (VdGS 4) ff. 4v-5r
6   Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Fantasia a4 (VdGS 5) ff. 5v-6r
7   Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Fantasia a4 (VdGS 6) ff. 6v-7r
8   Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Fantasia a4 (VdGS 7) ff. 7v-8r
9   Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Fantasia a4 (VdGS 8) ff. 8v-9r
10   Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Fantasia a4 (VdGS 9) ff. 9v-10r
11   Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Hexachord fantasia a4, part 1 (VdGS 10) ff. 10v-11r
12   Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Hexachord fantasia a4, part 2 (VdGS 11) ff. 11v-12r
13   Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Fantasia a4 (VdGS 12) ff. 12v-13r
14   Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Fantasia a4 (VdGS 13) ff. 13v-14r
15   Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Fantasia a4 (VdGS 23) ff. 14v-15r
16   Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Fantasia a4 (VdGS 14) ff. 15v-16r
17   Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Fantasia a4 (VdGS 15) ff. 16v-17r
18   Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Fantasia a4 (VdGS 16) ff. 17v-18r
19   Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Fantasia a4 (VdGS 17) ff. 18v-19r
20   Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Fantasia a4 (VdGS 18) ff. 19v-20r
21   Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Fantasia a4 (VdGS 19) ff. 20v-21r
22   Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Fantasia a4 (VdGS 20) ff. 21v-22r
23   Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Fantasia a4 (VdGS 21) ff. 22v-23r
24   Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Fantasia a4 (VdGS 22) ff. 23v-24r
25   John Ward Fantasia a4 (VdGS 1) ff. 24v-25r
26   John Ward Fantasia a4 (VdGS 2) ff. 25v-26r
27   John Ward Fantasia a4 (VdGS 3) ff. 26v-27r
28   John Ward Fantasia a4 (VdGS 4) ff. 27v-28r
29   John Ward Fantasia a4 (VdGS 5) ff. 28v-29r
30   John Ward Fantasia a4 (VdGS 6) ff. 29v-30r
31   John Jenkins Fantasia a4 (VdGS 1) ff. 30v-31r
32   John Jenkins Fantasia a4 (VdGS 2) ff. 31v-32r
33   John Jenkins Fantasia a4 (VdGS 4) ff. 32v-33r
34   John Jenkins Fantasia a4 (VdGS 3) ff. 33v-34r
35   John Coprario Fantasia a4 (VdGS 1) ff. 34v-35r
36   John Coprario Fantasia a4 (VdGS 2) ff. 35v-36r
37   John Coprario Fantasia a4 (VdGS 3) ff. 36v-37r
38   John Coprario Fantasia a4 (VdGS 4) ff. 37v-38r
39   John Coprario Fantasia a4 (VdGS 5) ff. 38v-39r
40   John Coprario Fantasia a4 (VdGS 7) ff. 39v-40r
41 1 Luca Marenzio Arda pur sempr'o mora f. 49r
42 2 Luca Marenzio Rimanti in pace f. 49v
43 3 Luca Marenzio Ond'ei di morte f. 50r
44 4 Luca Marenzio Caro dolce mio ben f. 50v
45 5 Luca Marenzio Che sei tu se'l cor mio f. 51r
46 6 Claudio Monteverdi Là tra'l sangue e le morti f. 51v
47 7 Richard Mico Là tra'l sangue e le morti, seconda parte f. 52r
48 8 Claudio Monteverdi Sovra tenere herbette ff. 52v-53r
49 9 Claudio Monteverdi O com'è gran martire f. 53v
50 10 Orazio Vecchi Clorind'hai vinto f. 54r
51 11 William White Fantasia a5 (VdGS 1): Diapente, part 1 ff. 54v-55r
52 12 John Ward Cor mio deh non languire ff. 55v-56r
53 13 Benedetto Pallavicino Era l'anima mia f. 56v
54 14 Luca Marenzio Ami Tirsi e me'l neghi f. 57r
55 15 Luca Marenzio Deh poi ch'era f. 57v
56 16 Benedetto Pallavicino Come vivrò nelle mie pene amore f. 58r
57 17 Luca Marenzio Quell'augellin f. 58v
58 18 Luca Marenzio Gridiran per me f. 59r
59 19 Thomas Lupo Miserere mei Domine f. 59v
60 20 Thomas Lupo O vos omnes f. 60r
61 21 Benedetto Pallavicino O dolorosa morte ff. 60v-61r
62 22 Claudio Monteverdi Voi pur da me partite ff. 61v-62r
63 23 Claudio Monteverdi Luci seren'e chiare ff. 62v-63r
64 24 Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Dovehouse Pavan f. 63r
65   Richard Mico Pavan a5 (VdGS 1) f. 63v
66   Richard Mico Pavan a5 (VdGS 2) f. 64r
67   Richard Mico In nomine a5 ff. 66v-67r
68   Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) In nomine a5 (VdGS 3) ff. 67v-68r
69   Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) In nomine a5 (VdGS 1) ff. 68v-69r
70   Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) In nomine a5 (VdGS 2) ff. 69v-70r
71   John Coprario Fantasia a5: Leno (VdGS 47) ff. 70v-71r
72   John Coprario Fantasia a5: Cresce in voi (VdGS 16 f. 71v
73   John Coprario Fantasia a5: Deh cara anima me (VdGS 32) f. 72r
74   John Coprario Fantasia a5: Crudel perché = Corsea/Corsica (VdGS 1) ff. 72v-73r
75   John Coprario Fantasia a5: Io son ferito amore (VdGS 2) ff. 73v-74r
76   John Coprario Fantasia a5: O voi che sospirate (VdGS 48) ff. 74v-75r
77   John Coprario Fantasia a5: Per far una leggiadre sua vendetta (VdGS 31) ff. 75v-76r
78   John Coprario Fantasia a5: Gitene Ninfe (VdGS 34) ff. 76v-77r
79   John Coprario Fantasia a5: Rapina l'alma (VdGS 3) ff. 77v-78r
80   John Coprario Fantasia a5: Lume tuo fugace (VdGS 4) ff. 78v-79r
81   John Coprario Fantasia a5: Io pianga (VdGS 5) ff. 79v-80r
82   John Coprario Fantasia a5: Luci beate e care (VdGS 9) ff. 80v-81r
83   John Coprario Fantasia a5: In voi moro (VdGS 8) ff. 81v-82r
84   John Coprario Fantasia a5: In te mio nove sole (VdGS 6) ff. 82v-83r
85   John Coprario Fantasia a5: Del mio cibo amoroso (VdGS 7) ff. 83v-84r
86   John Coprario Fantasia a5 Al primo giorno = In un boschetto (VdGS 10) ff. 84v-85r
87   John Coprario Fantasia a5: Chi può mirarri = Non posso più soffrire (VdGS 11) ff. 85v-86r
88   John Coprario Fantasia a5: Lucretia mia (VdGS 12) ff. 86v-87r
89   John Coprario Fantasia a5: (VdGS 49) ff. 87v-88r
90   John Coprario Fantasia a5: Fuggi se sai fuggire (VdGS 38) ff. 88v-89r
91   John Coprario Fantasia a5: Occhi miei con viva speme (VdGS 46) f. 89v
92   Benedetto Pallavicino O come vaneggiate donna f. 90r
93   John Coprario Fantasia a5: O sonno, della mia morte = Deh prega amore (VdGS 21) f. 90v
94   Thomas Lupo Fantasia a5 (VdGS 4) ff. 91v-92r
95   Thomas Lupo Fantasia a5: Il vago (VdGS 5) ff. 92v-93r
96   Thomas Lupo Fantasia a5: Io morirò (VdGS 18) ff. 93v-94r
97   Thomas Lupo Fantasia a5 (VdGS 2) ff. 94v-95r
98   Thomas Lupo Fantasia a5 (VdGS 11) ff. 95v-96r
99   Thomas Lupo Fantasia a5 (VdGS 12) ff. 96v-97r
100   Thomas Lupo Fantasia a5 (VdGS 13) ff. 97v-98r
101   Thomas Lupo Fantasia a5 (VdGS 14) ff. 98v-99r
102   Thomas Lupo Fantasia a5 (VdGS 1) ff. 99v-100r
103   Thomas Lupo Fantasia a5 (VdGS 3) ff. 100v-101r
104   John Ward Fantasia a5: Dolce languir (VdGS 1) ff. 101v-102r
105   John Ward Fantasia a5: La Rondinella (VdGS 2) ff. 102v-103r
106   John Ward Fantasia a5 (VdGS 3) ff. 103v-104r
107   John Ward Fantasia a5 (VdGS 4) ff. 104v-105r
108   John Ward Fantasia a5 (VdGS 5) ff. 105v-106r
109   John Ward Fantasia a5 (VdGS 6) ff. 106v-107r
110   John Ward Fantasia a5 (VdGS 7) ff. 107v-108r
111   John Ward Fantasia a5 (VdGS 8) ff. 108v-109r
112   John Ward Fantasia a5 (VdGS 9) ff. 109v-110r
113   John Ward Fantasia a5 (VdGS 10) ff. 110v-111r
114   John Ward Fantasia a5 ('Non fu senza'; VdGS 14) ff. 111v-112r
115   Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Pavan a5 (VdGS 9) f. 114v
116   Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Pavan a5 (VdGS 4) f. 115r
117   Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Pavan a5 (VdGS 3) f. 115v
118   Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Alman a5 (VdGS 4) f. 116r
119   Orlando Gibbons In nomine a5 (VdGS 2) ff. 123v-124r
120   Benedetto Pallavicino Cor mio deh non languire f. 125Av
121   Thomas Lupo Fantasia a6 (VdGS 6) ff. 147v-148r
122   Thomas Lupo Fantasia a6 (VdGS 8) ff. 149v-150r
123   John Ward Fantasia a6 (VdGS 7) ff. 155v-156r
124   John Ward In nomine (VdGS 1) ff. 156v-157r
125   Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Fantasia a6 (VdGS 1) ff. 157v-158r
126   John Ward In nomine a6 (VdGS 2] ff. 158v-159r
127   Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Fantasia a6 (VdGS 2) ff. 159v-160r
128   Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Fantasia a6 (VdGS 3) ff. 160v-161r
129   Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) In nomine a6 (VdGS 1) ff. 161v-162r
130   Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Fantasia a6 (VdGS 7) ff. 162v-163r
131   Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Fantasia a6 (VdGS 6) ff. 163v-164r
132   Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Fantasia a6 (VdGS 8) ff. 164v-165r
133   Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Fantasia a6 (VdGS 9) ff. 165v-166r
134   John Coprario Fantasia a6 (VdGS 2) ff. 167v-168r
135   Charles Coleman Fantasia a6 (VdGS 3) ff. 168v-169r
136   Charles Coleman Fantasia a6 (VdGS 2) ff. 169v-170r
137   Charles Coleman Fantasia a6 (VdGS 1) ff. 170v-171r
138   Orlando Gibbons Fantasia a6 (VdGS 1) ff. 171v-172r
139   Orlando Gibbons Fantasia a6 (VdGS 2) ff. 172v-173r
140   Orlando Gibbons Fantasia a6 (VdGS 3) ff. 173v-174r
141   Orlando Gibbons Fantasia a6 (VdGS 4) ff. 174v-175r
142   Orlando Gibbons Fantasia a6 (VdGS 5) ff. 175v-176r
143   Orlando Gibbons Fantasia a6 (VdGS 6) ff. 176v-177r

Oblong format, 410 x 275 mm. 189 leaves (all of which are single sheets), foliated '1-125, 125A, 126-88' in modern pencil. For detailed information about paper-stock, watermarks and rastration, see items 1 and 2 in the Bibliography below. Unused ruled staves on ff. 40v-48v, 64v-66r, 112v-114r, 116v-123r, 124v-125Ar, 126r-147r, 148v-149r, 150v-155r, 166v-167r and 177v-end. Late 17th-century 'Aldrich binding' Type 1, rebacked in the 20th century. Bookplate 1. Annotation by Havergal on inside upper cover: 'This vol: contains the fantasies in short score of the parts in I.5.13-18' (= Mus. 403-8). 19th-century shelfmark: I.5.32.

Provenance: from the Hatton collection (see Bibliography below); then part of the Aldrich bequest, listed by Hind in Dowding, position P2, as 'Instrumental Musick. for 2 pts. With[ou]t. name'; in Mus. 436 itself, the shelfmark 'P.2' is written on the front flyleaf.

Microfilm: manuscript music, reel 17.

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