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Mus. 431

Manuscript. A collection of keyboard music; English, probably late 1620s. Apparently the work of a single amateur copyist, exhibiting considerable scribal variation. The inventory below is based upon the one in Virginia Brookes, British Keyboard Music to c.1660 (Oxford, 1996); this latter book's thematic index is cited in the inventory below as 'Brookes'. Comments on individual pieces:

  • Items 1-3 in the inventory below: these may have been copied from Robert Hole (ed.), Parthenia In-Violata, or Mayden-Musicke for the Virginalls and Bass-Viol (London, c. 1626; STC 13567a); cited in the inventory as 'PIV'.
  • Items 15 and 16 are incomplete at the end; each is followed by an unused page, as if awaiting completion.
Table of titles and composers in modern form. Display form found in manuscript.
1   Alman (PIV no. 16; Brookes 334) f. 1r
2 John Bull Welsh dance (PIV no. 18; MB 19 no. 107) f. 1v
3   The scolding woman (PIV no. 19; Brookes 992) f. 2r
4 Orlando Gibbons Whoop, do me no harm, good man (MB 20 no. 31) ff. 2v-3r
5   (Untitled; Brookes 202) f. 3v
6   Masque (Brookes 756) ff. 3v-4r
7 Simon Ives See the building (VdGS Air 119; Brookes 1811) f. 4v
8 John Lugge Mr Lugge's jig (Brookes 1928) f. 5r
9 Simon Ives Anne Pitt's masque (4-part Ayre VdGS 22, 'The Fancy'; Brookes 1817) f. 5v
10 John Bull Duke of Brunswick's Alman (MB 19 no. 93) ff. 5v-6r
11 William Byrd Second Galliard (MB 27 no. 15c) ff. 6v-7r
12   Give laud unto the Lord (Brookes 600) f. 7r
13 John Bull Prelude (MB 19 no. 117) ff. 7r-v
14 Orlando Gibbons Galliard: Lord Salisbury (MB 20 no. 19) ff. 8r-9r
15 John Bull Galliard: St Thomas Wake, I (MB 19 no. 126b) ff. 9r-10r
16 William Byrd The battle (MB 28 no. 94) ff. 11r-17v
17 John Dowland, ?arr. William Byrd Galliard: If my complaints (MB 28 no. 103) ff. 18v-19r
18   Jig (Brookes 670) f. 20r
19   Fortune my foe (Brookes 560) ff. 20r-21v

Upright format, 290 x 193 mm. 21 leaves, foliated in modern pencil. Collation: ?A6 (of which all before A5-6 have been excised; A5-6 = ff. 1-2), B6 (ff. 3-8), C6 (ff. 9-14), D6 (ff. 15-20), ?E6 (of which all after E1 have been excised; E1 = f. 21). Unused ruled staves on ff. 10v, 18r and 19v. Early 17th-century binding of brown leather over boards; upper and lower covers gold-tooled with fillets enclosing a central ornament. No early bookplate. 19th-century shelfmark: I.5.41.

Provenance: not identifiable in any of the 18th-century catalogues of the Christ Church music collections, but presumable from either the Aldrich or Goodson bequest. Goodson provenance seems more likely, on grounds of the absence of any early bookplate or shelfmark.

Microfilm: manuscript music, reel 17.


  • Candace Bailey, Seventeenth-Century British Keyboard Sources (Warren, MI, 2003), pp. 91-2. Find in a Library