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Mus. 423-8

*** This is an INTERIM ENTRY***

Manuscript. 'The Rough Books'. Complete set of six partbooks containing fantasias, dances, In nomines and other instrumental works in three, four, five and six parts by Thomas Lupo, John Coprario, Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii), John Ward and others; various copyists (discussed below); English, compiled in stages possibly during the second and third decades of the 17th century. Mus. 423: 'Cantus'; Mus. 424: 'Altus'; Mus. 425: 'Tenor'; Mus. 426: 'Quintus'; Mus. 427: 'Sextus'; Mus. 428: 'Bassus'. Organ accompaniments for some of the contents of this set were copied into an allied manuscript, Mus. 1004, which refers to Mus. 423-8 as 'the ruffe books', a name descriptive of the 'rough' appearance of their bindings of reversed calfskin.

The first layer of copying was undertaken by an unidentified scribe who was responsible for roughly 60 per cent of the set's eventual contents. The fact that the partbooks were subsequently owned and partly infilled by John Browne (1608-91), Clerk to the Parliaments, has led to the suggestion that the set was originally owned by or copied for his father, Thomas Browne (1567-1621); see Ashbee, 'The Transmission', 253-6. If so, then this 'first layer' might have been compiled in London as early as the second decade of the 17th century, although a date of c. 1625-35 has also been proposed. In the literature on John Browne's music manuscripts, the unidentified first copyist of Mus. 423-8 is sometimes designated as 'Browne scribe O'; see for instance the inventory in The Viola da Gamba Society Index of Manuscripts Containing Consort Music, vol. 2, pp. 248-59. Mus. 423-8 may have been intended to replace a set of copies previously created by 'Scribe O', since leaves bearing rejected copies of some of the same pieces, also copied in his hand, were subsequently used either as endpapers or to line the inside covers of the partbooks. In the inventory below, the contents of these rejected leaves are catalogued as items 201-7. It seems likely that 'Scribe O' was interrupted in his task of copying Mus. 423-8, for he failed to complete pieces at the ends of his layers of three- and four-voice repertory (= items 12-13 and 34-5 in the inventory below). The missing parts for these four pieces were subsequently added by two of John Browne's unidentified scribal assistants. In total, 'Scribe O' was responsible for copying the following pieces:

  • All of items 1-11, and parts of items 12-13.
  • All of items 19-31 and 33, and parts of items 34-5.
  • All of items 44-66.
  • All of items 88-109.
  • Items 201-7 (= rejected copies, subsequently used as endpapers).
Many of the pages left unused by 'Scribe O' were subsequently filled by five further copyists, who added complementary repertory and occasionally duplicated pieces previously copied by 'Scribe O'. One of these 'second layer' copyists was John Browne himself. The others are unidentified, and appear to be associates of Browne's, possibly working under his supervision. In the literature on Browne's music manuscripts, these four unidentified copyists are conventionally designated as scribes 'A', 'C', 'D' and 'F'. The chronology and dating of their copying is unclear. In outline, these copyists added the following:
  • John Browne: copied items 14-18, 36-43, 67-81, 110-13 and 119-20; collaborated with 'Scribe A' for items 114 and 117-18.
  • 'Scribe A': collaborated with Browne for items 114 and 117-18, and copied items 115-16.
  • 'Scribe C': completed items 12-13, and copied item 32.
  • 'Scribe D': completed items 34-5, and copied items 83-7 and 121-8; possibly also collaborated in copying item 120.
  • 'Scribe F': copied item 82.
Some of the contents of Mus. 423-8 are annotated with the word 'organ'. This refers to organ parts for these pieces in Mus. 1004, which was copied for John Browne by John Hilton (ii), and which itself refers to Mus. 423-8 by the name of 'the ruffe books'.

Throughout Mus. 423-8, titles of works and composer attributions are not necessarily written by the hand that copied the music. In particular, Browne and the other 'layer 2' scribes often expanded information scantily supplied by 'Scribe O'. No attempt is made in the inventory below to identify who wrote what. Comments on individual pieces:

  • Item 19, Mus. 428: erroneously headed 'Bassus: william: white', but with a correct attribution to 'Thomas Lupo' at the end of the piece.
  • Item 32: the identity of the composer 'T. C.' remains unknown; possibilities include Browne's father-in-law Thomas Crewe, and the musican Timothy Collins; see Ashbee, 'Instrumental Music', pp. 51-2. It may be significant that this enigmatic work is the only piece in Mus. 423-8 copied wholly by Scribe C.
  • Between items 40 and 41, blank space was left for a piece to be inserted with the number '23'. It was never added.
  • Item 44, Mus. 428: attributed both to William White and Tho[mas] Lupo.
  • Item 73: provided with text-underlay in Mus. 423 only. The words are by Ben Jonson.
  • Items 63/84, 82/83, 94/115, 97/116, 99/121: in each case these are two copies of the same work, made by different copyists.
  • Item 108: in Mus. 425 the In nomine cantus firmus is underlaid with the text of 'If that a sinner's sighs' by Sir William Leighton.
  • Item 109: the part copied into Mus. 424 lacks the opening 16 breves of music.
  • Items 114 and 118 are non-identical copies of the same piece, both made by 'Scribe O'. The duplication was subsequently noticed; see the annotation in Mus. 428, f. 78r: 'bis scripted 27/31'.
  • Item 128: attributed to John Ward in Mus. 425-6.
  • Items 201-7 are rejected earlier copies made by 'Scribe O', and now serve as endleaves within the volumes.
Table of titles and composers in modern form. Display form found in manuscript.
The first column gives the modern numbering of the pieces; the second shows numbering used by the copyist(s).
 Mus. 423Mus. 424Mus. 425Mus. 426Mus. 427Mus. 428
1 1 Thomas Lupo Fantasia a3 (VdGS 2) f. 1r   f. 1r     f. 1r
2 2 Thomas Lupo Fantasia a3 (VdGS 3) f. 1v   f. 1v     f. 1v
3 3 Thomas Lupo Fantasia a3 (VdGS 10) f. 2r   f. 2r     f. 2r
4 4 Thomas Lupo Fantasia a3 (VdGS 11) f. 2v   f. 2v     f. 2v
5 5 Thomas Lupo Fantasia a3 (VdGS 12) f. 3r   f. 3r     f. 3r
6 6 Thomas Lupo Fantasia a3 (VdGS 4) f. 3v   f. 3v     f. 3v
7 7 Thomas Lupo Fantasia a3 (VdGS 22) f. 4r   f. 4r     f. 4r
8 8 Thomas Lupo Fantasia a3 (VdGS 25) f. 4v   f. 4v     f. 4v
9 9 Thomas Lupo Fantasia a3 (VdGS 7) f. 5r   f. 5r     f. 5r
10 10 Thomas Lupo Fantasia a3 (VdGS 8) f. 5v   f. 5v     f. 5v
11 11 Thomas Lupo Fantasia a3 (VdGS 24) f. 6r   f. 6r     f. 6r
12 12 Thomas Lupo Fantasia a3 (VdGS 9) f. 6v   ff. 6v-7r     f. 6v
13 13 Thomas Lupo Fantasia a3 (VdGS 6) f. 7r   f. 7r     f. 7r
14 14 Thomas Lupo Fantasia a3 (VdGS 14) f. 7v   f. 7v     f. 7v
15 15 Thomas Lupo Pavan a3 (VdGS 1) f. 7v   f. 7v     f. 7v
16 16 Thomas Lupo Pavan a3 (VdGS 2) f. 8r   f. 8r     f. 8r
17 17 Thomas Lupo Pavan a3 (VdGS 3) f. 8r   f. 8r     f. 8r
18 18 Thomas Lupo Pavan a3 (VdGS 4) f. 8v   f. 8v     f. 8v
19 1 Thomas Lupo Fantasia a4 (VdGS 5); see also no. 201 below f. 33r f. 1r f. 25r     f. 25r
20 2 Thomas Lupo Fantasia a4 (VdGS 6) f. 33v f. 1v f. 25v     f. 25v
21 3 Thomas Lupo Fantasia a4 (VdGS 7) f. 34r f. 2r f. 26r     f. 26r
22 4 Thomas Lupo Fantasia a4 (VdGS 1) f. 34v f. 2v f. 26v     f. 26v
23 5 Thomas Lupo Fantasia a4 (VdGS 2) f. 35r f. 3r f. 27r     f. 27r
24 6 Thomas Lupo Fantasia a4 (VdGS 8) f. 35v f. 3v f. 27v     f. 27v
25 7 Thomas Lupo Fantasia a4 (VdGS 3) f. 36r f. 4r f. 28r     f. 28r
26 8 John Coprario Fantasia a4 (VdGS 1) f. 36v f. 4v f. 28v     f. 28v
27 9 John Coprario Fantasia a4 (VdGS 2) f. 37r f. 5r f. 29r     f. 29r
28 10 John Coprario Fantasia a4 (VdGS 3) f. 37v f. 5v f. 29v     f. 29v
29 11 John Coprario Fantasia a4 (VdGS 4); see also no. 202 below f. 38r f. 6r f. 30r     f. 30r
30 12 John Coprario Fantasia a4 (VdGS 5) f. 38v f. 6v f. 30v     f. 30v
31 13 John Coprario Fantasia a4 (VdGS 6); see also no. 203 below f. 39r f. 7r f. 31r     f. 31r
32 14 T. C. Fantasia a4 f. 39v f. 7v f. 31v     f. 31v
33 15 Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Fantasia a4 (VdGS 7) f. 40r f. 8r f. 32r     f. 32r
34 16 Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Fantasia a4 (VdGS 9) f. 40v f. 8v f. 32v     f. 32v
35 17 Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Fantasia a4 (VdGS 8) f. 41r f. 9r f. 33r     f. 33r
36 18 Richard Dering Pavan a4 f. 41v f. 9v f. 33v     f. 33v
37 19 Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Fantasia a4 (VdGS 23) ff. 41v-42r ff. 9v-10r ff. 33v-34r     ff. 33v-34r
38 20 Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Fantasia a4 (VdGS 14) ff. 42v-43r ff. 10v-11r ff. 34v-35r     f. 34v
39 21 Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Fantasia a4 (VdGS 13) f. 43r f. 11r f. 35r     f. 35r
40 22 Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Fantasia a4 (VdGS 21) ff. 43v-44r ff. 11v-12r ff. 35v-36r     f. 35v
41 24 John Ward Fantasia a4 (VdGS 26) ff. 44v-45r f. 12v ff. 36v-37r     f. 36v
42 25 Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Fantasia a4 (VdGS 22); see also no. 204 below f. 45r f. 13r f. 37r     f. 37r
43 26 Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Fantasia a4 (VdGS 18) f. 45v f. 13v f. 37v     f. 37v
44 1 Thomas Lupo Fantasia a5 (VdGS 1) f. 53r f. 27r f. 49r f. 1r   f. 45r
45 2 Thomas Lupo Fantasia a5 (VdGS 3) f. 53v f. 27v f. 49v f. 1v   f. 45v
46 3 Thomas Lupo Fantasia a5 (VdGS 4) f. 54r f. 28r f. 50r f. 2r   f. 46r
47 4 Thomas Lupo Fantasia a5 (VdGS 2) f. 54v f. 28v f. 50v f. 2v   f. 46v
48 5 Thomas Lupo Fantasia a5 (VdGS 11) f. 55r f. 29r f. 51r f. 3r   f. 47r
49 6 Thomas Lupo Fantasia a5 (VdGS 12) f. 55v f. 29v f. 51v f. 3v   f. 47v
50 7 Thomas Lupo Fantasia a5 (VdGS 13) f. 56r f. 30r f. 52r f. 4r   f. 48r
51 8 Thomas Lupo Fantasia a5 (VdGS 14) f. 56v f. 30v f. 52v f. 4v   f. 48v
52 9 John Milton Fantasia a5 (VdGS 1) f. 57r f. 31r f. 53r f. 5r   f. 49r
53 10 John Milton Fantasia a5 (VdGS 2) f. 57v f. 31v f. 53v f. 5v   f. 49v
54 11 John Milton Fantasia a5 (VdGS 3) f. 58r f. 32r f. 54r f. 6r   f. 50r
55 12 Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) In nomine a5 (VdGS 1) f. 58v f. 32v f. 54v f. 6v   f. 50v
56 13 Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) In nomine a5 (VdGS 2) f. 59r f. 33r f. 55r f. 7r   f. 51r
57 14 Alfonso Ferrabosco (i) In nomine a5 (VdGS 1) f. 59v f. 33v f. 55v f. 7v   f. 51v
58 15 William Cranford In nomine a5 f. 60r f. 34r f. 56r f. 8r   f. 52r
59 16 Charles Coleman Fantasia a5 f. 60v f. 34v f. 56v f. 8v   f. 52v
60 17 Richard Dering Fantasia a5 (VdGS 1) f. 61r f. 35r f. 57r f. 9r   f. 53r
61 18 John Ward Cor mio deh non languire f. 61v f. 35v f. 57v f. 9v   f. 53v
62 19 John Coprario Fantasia a5 (VdGS 34) f. 62r f. 36r f. 58r f. 10r   f. 54r
63 20 Richard Dering Fantasia a5 (VdGS 2); = no. 84 below f. 62v f. 36v f. 58v f. 10v   f. 54v
64 21 John Ward In nomine a5 f. 63r f. 37r f. 59r f. 11r   f. 55r
65 22 William White Fantasia a5 (VdGS 1) f. 63v f. 37v f. 59v f. 11v   f. 55v
66 23 Thomas Weelkes Pavan a5 (VdGS 2) f. 64r f. 38r f. 60r f. 12r   f. 56r
67 24 Richard Mico Pavan a5 (VdGS 1) f. 64r f. 38r f. 60r f. 12r   f. 56r
68 25 Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Alman a5 (VdGS 1) f. 64v f. 38v f. 60v f. 12v   f. 56v
69 26 Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Pavan a5 (VdGS 2) f. 64v f. 38v f. 60v f. 12v   f. 56v
70 27 Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Pavan a5 (VdGS 3) ff. 64v-65r ff. 38v-39r ff. 60v-61r ff. 12v-13r   ff. 56v-57r
71 28 Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) 'Dovehouse' Pavan a5 (VdGS 1) f. 65r f. 39r f. 61r f. 13r   f. 57r
72 29 Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Alman a5 (VdGS 2) f. 65r f. 39r f. 61r f. 13r   f. 57r
73 30 Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Hear me, O God = Pavan a5 (VdGS 4) f. 65v f. 39v f. 61v f. 13v   f. 57v
74 31 Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Pavan a5 (VdGS 5) f. 65v f. 39v f. 61v f. 13v   f. 57v
75 32 Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Pavan a5 (VdGS 6) f. 66r f. 40r f. 62r f. 14r   f. 58r
76 33 Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Pavan a5 (VdGS 8) f. 66r f. 40r f. 62r f. 14r   f. 58r
77 34 Daniel Farrant Pavan a5 'upon four notes' f. 66v f. 40v f. 62v f. 14v   f. 58v
78 35 Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Pavan a5 (VdGS 9) f. 66v ff. 40v-41r ff. 62v-63r f. 14v   ff. 58v-59r
79 36 Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Alman a5 (VdGS 4) f. 67r f. 41r f. 63r f. 15r   f. 59r
80 37 Richard Dering Alman a5 (VdGS 4) f. 67r f. 41r f. 63r f. 15r   f. 59r
81 38 John Jenkins Pavan a5 (VdGS 2); = no. 82 below f. 67v f. 41v f. 63v f. 15v   f. 59v
82 39 John Jenkins Pavan a5 (VdGS 2); = no. 81 above f. 68r f. 42r f. 64r f. 16r   f. 60r
83 40 John Jenkins Pavan a5 (VdGS 3) f. 68v f. 42v f. 64v f. 16v   f. 60v
84 41 Richard Dering Fantasia a5 (VdGS 2); = no. 63 above f. 69r f. 43r f. 65r f. 17r   f. 61r
85 42 John Coperario Fantasia a5: Cresce in voi (VdGS 16) f. 69v f. 43v f. 65v f. 17v   f. 61v
86 43 Orlando Gibbons In nomine a5 (VdGS 2) ff. 70r-69v ff. 44v-45r ff. 66r-65v f. 18r   ff. 62r-61v
87 44 Orlando Gibbons In nomine a5 (VdGS 3) f. 70v ff. 45v-46r ff. 66v-67r ff. 18v-19r   ff. 62v-63r
88 1 William White Pavan a6 (VdGS 1); see also no. 205 below f. 82v f. 54v f. 81v f. 33v f. [0]v f. 64v
89   William White Pavan a6 (VdGS 2); see also no. 205 below f. 82v f. 54v f. 81v f. 33v f. [0]v f. 64v
90 2 William White Fantasia a6 (VdGS 4); see also no. 206 below f. 83r f. 55r f. 82r f. 34r f. 1r f. 65r
91 3 William White Fantasia a6 (VdGS 3); see also no. 207 below f. 83v f. 55v f. 82v f. 34v f. 1v f. 65v
92 4 William White Fantasia a6 (VdGS 1) f. 84r f. 56r f. 83r f. 35r f. 2r f. 66r
93 5 William White Fantasia a6 (VdGS 2) f. 84v f. 56v f. 83v f. 35v f. 2v f. 66v
94 6 John Ward Fantasia a6 (VdGS 2); = no. 115 below f. 85r f. 57r f. 84r f. 36r f. 3r f. 67r
95 7 John Ward Fantasia a6 (VdGS 3) f. 85v f. 57v f. 84v f. 36v f. 3v f. 67v
96 8 John Ward Fantasia a6 (VdGS 6) f. 86r f. 58r f. 85r f. 37r f. 4r f. 68r
97 9 John Ward Fantasia a6 (VdGS 7); = no. 116 below f. 86v f. 58v f. 85v f. 37v f. 4v f. 68v
98 10 John Ward Fantasia a6 (VdGS 4) f. 87r f. 59r ff. 86r-85v f. 38r f. 5r f. 69r
99 11 John Ward Fantasia a6 (VdGS 5); = no. 121 below f. 87v f. 59v f. 86v f. 38v f. 5v f. 69v
100 12 John Ward In nomine a6 (VdGS 1) f. 88r f. 60r f. 87r f. 39r f. 6r f. 70r
101 13 John Ward In nomine a6 (VdGS 2) f. 88v f. 60v f. 87v f. 39v f. 6v f. 70v
102 14-15 Peter Philips Passamezzo pavan a6 (VdGS 21) ff. 89r-v ff. 61r-v ff. 88r-v ff. 40r-v ff. 7r-v ff. 71r-v
103 16 Martin Peerson Fantasia a6: 'Acquaintance' (VdGS 1) f. 90r f. 62r f. 89r f. 41r f. 8r f. 72r
104 17 Martin Peerson Fantasia a6: 'Beauty' (VdGS 2) f. 90v f. 62v f. 89v f. 41v f. 8v f. 72v
105 18 Martin Peerson Fantasia a6: 'Choose' (VdGS 3) f. 91r f. 63r f. 90r f. 42r f. 9r f. 73r
106 19 Martin Peerson Fantasia a6: 'Delicate' (VdGS 4) f. 91v f. 63v f. 90v f. 42v f. 9v f. 73v
107 20 John Coprario Fantasia a6 (VdGS 2) f. 92r f. 64r f. 91r f. 43r f. 10r f. 74r
108 21 John Milton In nomine a6 (CF texted 'If that a sinner's sighs') f. 92v f. 64v f. 91v f. 43v f. 10v f. 74v
109 22 John Milton Fantasia a6 f. 93r f. 65r f. 92r f. 44r f. 11r f. 75r
110 23 John Jenkins Fantasia a6 (VdGS 1) ff. 93v-94r ff. 65v-66r ff. 92v-93r ff. 44v-45r ff. 11v-12r ff. 75v-76r
111 24 John Jenkins Fantasia a6 (VdGS 2) ff. 94v-95r ff. 66v-67r f. 93v f. 45v f. 12v f. 76v
112 25 John Coprario Fantasia a6 (VdGS 3) f. 95r f. 67r f. 94r f. 46r f. 13r f. 77r
113 26 John Coprario Fantasia a6 (VdGS 5) f. 95v f. 67v f. 94v f. 46v f. 13v f. 77v
114 27 Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Fantasia a6 (VdGS 2); = no. 118 below ff. 96r-95v f. 68r f. 95r f. 47r f. 14r f. 78r
115 28 John Ward Fantasia a6 (VdGS 2); = no. 94 above f. 96v f. 68v f. 95v f. 47v f. 14v f. 78v
116 29 John Ward Fantasia a6 (VdGS 7); = no. 97 above f. 97r f. 69r f. 96r f. 48r f. 15r f. 79r
117 30 Thomas Lupo Fantasia a6 (VdGS 8) f. 97v f. 69v f. 96v f. 48v f. 15v f. 79v
118 31 Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Fantasia a6 (VdGS 2); = no. 114 above f. 98r f. 70r f. 97r f. 49r f. 16r f. 80r
119 32 Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Fantasia a6 (VdGS 1) ff. 98v-99r ff. 70v-71r ff. 97v-98r f. 49v f. 16v f. 80v
120 33 Thomas Lupo Fantasia a6 (VdGS 7) f. 99r f. 71r f. 98r f. 50r f. 17r f. 81r
121 34 John Ward Fantasia a6 (VdGS 5); = no. 99 above f. 99v f. 71v f. 98v f. 50v f. 17v f. 81v
122 35 Thomas Lupo Fantasia a6 (VdGS 2) f. 100r f. 72r f. 99r f. 51r f. 18r f. 82r
123 36 Thomas Lupo Fantasia a6 (VdGS 5) f. 100v f. 72v f. 99v f. 51v f. 18v f. 82v
124 37 Thomas Lupo Fantasia a6 (VdGS 3) f. 101r f. 73r f. 100r f. 52r f. 19r f. 83r
125 38 Thomas Lupo Fantasia a6 (VdGS 6) f. 101v f. 73v f. 100v f. 52v f. 19v f. 83v
126 39 John Jenkins Fantasia a6 (VdGS 12) f. 102r f. 74r f. 101r f. 53r f. 20r f. 84r
127 40 John Jenkins Fantasia a6 (VdGS 8) f. 102v f. 74v f. 101v f. 53v f. 20v f. 84v
128 41 William White Fantasia a6 (VdGS 5) f. 103r f. 75r f. 102r f. 54r f. 21r f. 85r
201   Thomas Lupo (Superseded copy of no. 19 above)           front
202   John Coprario (Superseded copy of no. 29 above)         front  
203   John Coprario (Superseded copy of no. 31 above)     front front    
204   Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) (Superseded copy of no. 42 above)           front
205   William White (Superseded copy of no. 88 above and no. 89 above) f. 104r front/rear   rear    
206   William White (Superseded copy of no. 90 above     f. 103r      
207   William White (Superseded copy of no. 91 above)         f. 35v  

Upright format, c. 285 x 200 mm. Outline information about the books' physical structures and collations is supplied in The Viola da Gamba Society Index of Manuscripts Containing Consort Music, vol. 2, pp. 248-59; a more detailed analysis will be posted on this website at a later date. Foliated in modern pencil. Mid 17th-century bindings of brown reversed calfskin, blind-tooled with fillets, and stamped with capital letters designating the part-name of each volume. Bookplate 2 in all six partbooks. 19th-century shelfmarks: I.5.33-8.

Provenance: from the Aldrich bequest (not, as stated in The Viola da Gamba Society Index, from the Goodson bequest). In Archives 1717 the partbooks are listed separately at the following shelfmarks:

  • Mus. 423: listed at position C7 as 'Fancies of 3 pts'. In Mus. 423 itself, the shelfmark 'C.7' is written in ink on the inside upper cover.
  • Mus. 424: listed at position C17 as 'Fancies', to which a later hand has added '4 Voc. Thos. Lupo &c'. In Mus. 424 itself, the shelfmark 'C.17' is written in ink on a front pastedown leaf.
  • Mus. 425: listed in Archives 1717 at position D4 as 'Fancies', and in Dowding (main hand) as 'Fancies of Coperario & Ferabosco'. In Mus. 425 itself, the shelfmark 'D.4' is written on the inside upper cover.
  • Mus. 426: listed at position C15 as 'Fancies', to which a later hand has added '5 Voc. Thomas Lupo'. In Mus. 426 itself, the shelfmark 'C.15' is written in ink on the verso of the front pastedown leaf.
  • Mus. 427: listed at position C20 as 'A Collection of Services', the word 'Services' being a misreading of 'Sextus'. A later hand has changed the entry to read 'Fancies of 6 parts by White, Ward, Phillips &c'. In Mus. 427 itself, the shelfmark 'C.20' is written in ink on the front flyleaf.
  • Mus. 428: listed at position C16 as 'Fancies', to which a later hand has added '3 Voc. Ditto [i.e. Thomas Lupo]'. In Mus. 428 itself, the shelfmark 'C.16' is written in ink on a front flyleaf.
The six partbooks were reunited by Hind, who placed them at position C20. In Malchair (f. 6), the set is listed as part of the Aldrich bequest as follows: 'Fantasies for three 4-5-6 voices / 6 Vol. Rough Calf / small folio / Luppo Ferabosco et caet.'

Microfilm: manuscript music, reel 17.

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