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Mus. 417-18, Mus. 1080

Manuscript. Three partbooks from a set of four (lacking the tenor book for the 4-voice works) containing performing parts for English consort music, copied by Stephen Bing; sometimes called the 'Bing Set' (Wainwright) or 'The Lesser Set' (Pinto); English, probably mid-late 1630s. Bing appears to have abandoned his copying before the partbooks were complete; thus, in the inventory below, items 53-61 lack one or two voice-parts. The contents of these partbooks were later largely re-copied by John Lilly in the so-called 'Great Set', as follows:

Table of titles and composers in modern form. Display form found in manuscript.
 Mus. 417Mus. 418Mus. 1080
1 Thomas Lupo Pavan a3 (VdGS 4) f. 1r f. 1r f. 1r
2 Thomas Lupo Pavan a3 (VdGS 3) f. 1v f. 1v f. 1v
3 Thomas Lupo Pavan a3 (VdGS 1) f. 2r f. 2r f. 2r
4 Thomas Lupo Pavan a3 (VdGS 2) f. 2v f. 2v f. 2v
5 Thomas Lupo Fantasia a3 (VdGS 1) f. 3r f. 3r f. 3r
6 Orlando Gibbons Fantasia a3 (VdGS 1) ff. 3v-4r ff. 3v-4r ff. 3v-4r
7 Orlando Gibbons Fantasia a3 (VdGS 2) ff. 4v-5r ff. 4v-5r ff. 4v-5r
8 Orlando Gibbons Fantasia a3 (VdGS 3) ff. 5v-6r ff. 5v-6r ff. 5v-6r
9 Orlando Gibbons Fantasia a3 (VdGS 4) ff. 6v-7r ff. 6v-7r ff. 6v-7r
10 Orlando Gibbons Fantasia a3 (VdGS 5) ff. 7v-8r ff. 7v-8r ff. 7v-8r
11 Orlando Gibbons Fantasia a3 (VdGS 6) ff. 8v-9r ff. 8v-9r ff. 8v-9r
12 Orlando Gibbons Fantasia a3 (VdGS 7) ff. 9v-10r ff. 9v-10r ff. 9v-10r
13 Orlando Gibbons Fantasia a3 (VdGS 8) ff. 10v-11r ff. 10v-11r ff. 10v-11r
14 Orlando Gibbons Fantasia a3 (VdGS 9) ff. 11v-12r ff. 11v-12r ff. 11v-12r
15 Richard Mico Fantasia a3 (VdGS 1) ff. 12v-13r ff. 12v-13r ff. 12v-13r
16 Richard Mico Fantasia a3 (VdGS 2) ff. 13v-14r ff. 13v-14r ff. 13v-14r
17 Richard Mico Fantasia a3 (VdGS 3) ff. 14v-15r ff. 14v-15r ff. 14v-15r
18 Richard Mico Fantasia a3 (VdGS 4) ff. 15v-16r ff. 15v-16r ff. 15v-16r
19 Richard Mico Fantasia a3 (VdGS 6) ff. 16v-17r ff. 16v-17r ff. 16v-17r
20 John Coprario Fantasia a3 (VdGS 10) ff. 17v-18r ff. 17v-18r ff. 17v-18r
21 John Coprario Fantasia a3 (VdGS 1) ff. 18v-19r ff. 18v-19r ff. 18v-19r
22 John Coprario Fantasia a3 (VdGS 2) ff. 19v-20r ff. 19v-20r ff. 19v-20r
23 John Coprario Fantasia a3 (VdGS 4) ff. 20v-21r ff. 20v-21r ff. 20v-21r
24 John Coprario Fantasia a3 (VdGS 3) ff. 21v-22r ff. 21v-22r ff. 21v-22r
25 John Coprario Fantasia a3 (VdGS 9) ff. 22v-23r ff. 22v-23r ff. 22v-23r
26 John Coprario Fantasia a3 (VdGS 5) ff. 23v-24r ff. 23v-24r ff. 23v-24r
27 John Coprario Fantasia a3 (VdGS 6) ff. 24v-25r ff. 24v-25r ff. 24v-25r
28 George Jeffreys Fantasia a3 (VdGS 1) ff. 25v-26r ff. 25v-26r ff. 25v-26r
29 George Jeffreys Fantasia a3 (VdGS 2) ff. 26v-27r ff. 26v-27r ff. 26v-27r
30 George Jeffreys Fantasia a3 (VdGS 3) ff. 27v-28r ff. 27v-28r ff. 27v-28r
31 George Jeffreys Fantasia a3 (VdGS 4) ff. 28v-29r ff. 28v-29r ff. 28v-29r
32 George Jeffreys Fantasia a3 (VdGS 6) ff. 29v-30r ff. 29v-30r ff. 29v-30r
33 George Jeffreys Fantasia a3 (VdGS 5) ff. 30v-31r ff. 30v-31r ff. 30v-31r
34 John Bull Fantasia a4 f. 33r f. 33r f. 33r
35 Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Fantasia a4 (VdGS 1) ff. 33v-34r ff. 33v-34r ff. 33v-34r
36 Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Fantasia a4 (VdGS 2) ff. 34v-35r ff. 34v-35r ff. 34v-35r
37 Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Fantasia a4 (VdGS 3) ff. 35v-36r ff. 35v-36r ff. 35v-36r
38 Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Fantasia a4 (VdGS 4) ff. 36v-37r ff. 36v-37r ff. 36v-37r
39 Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Fantasia a4 (VdGS 5) ff. 37v-38r ff. 37v-38r ff. 37v-38r
40 Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Fantasia a4 (VdGS 6) ff. 38v-39r ff. 38v-39r ff. 38v-39r
41 Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Fantasia a4 (VdGS 7) ff. 39v-40r ff. 39v-40r ff. 39v-40r
42 Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Fantasia a4 (VdGS 8) ff. 40v-41r ff. 40v-41r ff. 40v-41r
43 Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Fantasia a4 (VdGS 9) ff. 41v-42r ff. 41v-42r ff. 41v-42r
44 Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Fantasia a4 (VdGS 12) ff. 42v-43r ff. 42v-43r ff. 42v-43r
45 Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Fantasia a4 (VdGS 13) ff. 43v-44r ff. 43v-44r ff. 43v-44r
46 Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Fantasia a4 (VdGS 23) ff. 44v-45r ff. 44v-45r ff. 44v-45r
47 Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Fantasia a4 (VdGS 14) ff. 45v-46r ff. 45v-46r ff. 45v-46r
48 Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Fantasia a4 (VdGS 15) ff. 46v-47r ff. 46v-47r ff. 46v-47r
49 Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Fantasia a4 (VdGS 16) ff. 47v-48r ff. 47v-48r ff. 47v-48r
50 Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Fantasia a4 (VdGS 17) ff. 48v-49r ff. 48v-49r ff. 48v-49r
51 Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Fantasia a4 (VdGS 18) ff. 49v-50r ff. 49v-50r ff. 49v-50r
52 Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Fantasia a4 (VdGS 19) ff. 50v-51r ff. 50v-51r ff. 50v-51r
53 Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Fantasia a4 (VdGS 20) ff. 51v-52r ff. 51v-52r  
54 Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Fantasia a4 (VdGS 21) ff. 52v-53r ff. 52v-53r  
55 Alfonso Ferrabosco (ii) Fantasia a4 (VdGS 22) ff. 53v-54r ff. 53v-54r  
56 John Ward Fantasia a4 (VdGS 1) ff. 54v-55r ff. 54v-55r  
57 John Ward Fantasia a4 (VdGS 2) ff. 55v-56r ff. 55v-56r  
58 John Ward Fantasia a4 (VdGS 3) ff. 56v-57r ff. 56v-57r  
59 John Ward Fantasia a4 (VdGS 4)   ff. 57v-58r  
60 John Ward Fantasia a4 (VdGS 5)   ff. 58v-59r  
61 John Ward Fantasia a4 (VdGS 6)   ff. 59v-60r  
62   Absalom my son (canon a6 at the unison)     f. 59v

Upright format, 257 x 197 mm. For full details of collation and watermarks, see The Viola da Gamba Society Index (in Bibliography below), pp. 195-6. Foliated in modern pencil. Unused ruled staves on the following pages: Mus. 417, ff. 31v-32v and 57v-[61v] / Mus. 418, ff. 31v-32v and 60v / Mus. 1080, ff. 31v-32v and 51v-59r. Late 17th-century 'Aldrich binding', Type 4; edges marbled. In Mus. 418, the second flyleaf at the front has the following pencil instruction in an unidentified hand: 'This book to be bound as it is'. The spines of Mus. 417-18 are gold-tooled: 'FANT / D / 3.B.', and numbered '1' and '3'. Mus. 1080 is identically bound, but lacks gold-tooling on its spine; presumably it was intended to be volume '2'. Why it evaded decoration, and when and why it became separated from its companions, is unknown. Bookplate 2 in all three volumes. 19th-century shelfmarks: Mus. 417-18 = I.5.27-8; Mus. 1080 = I.7.80.

Provenance: from the Hatton collection (see Bibliography below); then part of the Aldrich bequest. Mus. 417-18 have not yet been positively identified in any of the 18th-century catalogues of the Christ Church music collections, but are securely of Aldrich provenance on account of the bindings. Mus. 1080 is first listed by Hind (in Archives 1717), item E20, as 'O Absalom my son &c. M.S.', a description that tallies with item 62 in the inventory above; this partbook too is securely of Aldrich provenance on account of its binding.

Microfilm (all three partbooks): manuscript music, reel 16.

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