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Mus. 371

Manuscript. Keyboard book; copyists unidentified; English, 1560s.

Four copyists, as follows:
A: items 1-9
B: items 10-11, 19-24
C: items 12-18
D: items 25-7

The list of contents below (modern form only) cites modern editions as they appear in the series Musica Britannica (MB) and Early English Church Music (EECM). Identifications for several pieces have been kindly supplied by Jason Smart and John Caldwell.

Table of titles and composers as shown in the manuscript. Display in modern form.

1 [Giacomo Fogliano] Madona [somm'accorto] ff. 1r-v
2 [Philippe van Wilder] [closing section of no. 3 below] f. 2r
3 [Philippe van Wilder] Amor me poynte ff. 2v-3r
4 [anon.] [untitled; a carol?; headed 'corus'; music partly deleted.] ff. 3v-4r
5 [anon.] [Laetabundus (section); at end '3 ptts'] ff. 4r-v
6 [anon.] [Laetabundus (section)] ff. 4v-5r
7 mr. tallis [Alleluia. Per te Dei genitrix] ff. 5r-6v
8 mr Taver[ner] In nomine ff. 6v-8r
9 [Philippe van Wilder] fayre lady might yr [=Un jeune moyne] ff. 8v-9r
10 mr whight ut re mi fa soul la f. 9v
11 mr [Thomas?] wodson Miserere f. 10r
12 [anon.] O death rock me aslepe ff. 10v-11v
13 [anon.] Christe qui lux f. 12r
14 [anon.] Vexilla regis ff. 12v-13v
15 mr Tallis Gloria tibi trinitas ii parts on a rownd tyme ff. 14r-v
16 [William Byrd] Miserere ff. 14v-15r
17 Mr Byrd Miserere ff. 15r-v
18 mr Redforde Misereri ff. 15v-16r
19 mr Redford Agnus [Dei] ff. 16v-17r
20 mr Redford Anguelare fundammetum ff. 17v-18r
21 mr Redford Misereri f. 18v
22 mr Redford Veni Redempter ff. 19r-v
23 [anon.] [Kyrie] Orma vulte f. 19v
24 mr Strowgers upon ur re my fa soul la ii longs ff. 20r-22r
25 Strowger In nomine [I] ff. 22v-23v
26 Mr Strow[gers] In nomine [II] ff. 23v-25r
27 [?Nicholas Strogers] [In nomine] [Lacks end] ff. 25r-v

Oblong format, c. 200 x 140 mm. Written on printed music paper with a border of ornamental fleurons; for information about this, and references to other manuscripts containing related printed papers, see Fenlon & Milsom (in bibliography below). 25 folios, formerly stab-sewn. Gathering structure as follows:

A four nested bifolios (= ff. 1-8).
B formerly three nested bifolios = 6 folios, of which only the first three are extant (ff. 9-11); three stubs follow f. 11.
C four nested bifolios (= ff. 12-19).
D two nested bifolios (= ff. 20-23).
E bifilio (= ff. 24-5).
At least one further gathering is missing from the rear of the volume. Contemporary binding of limp vellum, formerly lined with paper; there are stab-holes for ribbon ties at the outer edges. Outside upper cover apparently annotated with an ornamental 'A'. Bookplate 2. 19th-century shelfmark: I.7.76. Includes a handwritten contents list by Margaret H. Glyn, dated April 17 1937.

Provenance unknown. First recorded by Hind in Dowding, where it is listed at shelfmark M.4.26 as 'Madona, Amor me poynte &c. M.S.'; in Mus. 371 itself, the shelfmark 'M.4.26' is written in ink on the outside upper cover.

Microfilm: manuscript music, reel 12.


Iain Fenlon and John Milsom, '"Ruled Paper Imprinted": Music Paper and Patents in Sixteenth-Century England', Journal of the American Musicological Society, 37 (1984), 139-63. Find in a Library