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Mus. 37 (pp. 59-74)

Manuscript. Madrigals by [Pomponio Nenna], copied in score by Richard Goodson Sr, with text-incipits but otherwise largely without text-underlay. English, late 17th century. Goodson himself did not provide the attributions to Nenna; these were supplied in annotations by Malchair (see below).

Table of titles and composers in modern form. Display form found in manuscript.

1 Pomponio Nenna Sio taccia il duol s'avanza pp. 59-60
2 Pomponio Nenna La mia diglia s'avanza pp. 60-61
3 Pomponio Nenna Madonna poi ch'ancider mi volete pp. 61-62
4 Pomponio Nenna Ahi dispietata e cruda pp. 63-64
5 Pomponio Nenna O mia luce ò mia gioia pp. 64-66
6 Pomponio Nenna Se gl'occhi vost'io miro pp. 66-67
7 Pomponio Nenna Sospir che dal bel petto pp. 68-69
8 Pomponio Nenna Asciugate i begli occhi pp. 69-70
9 Pomponio Nenna Ripiglia Ergasto pp. 71-72
10 Pomponio Nenna Aure liete e soavi pp. 73-74

Upright format, 363 x 240 mm. Gathering of 4 bifolios; 8 folios in total; paginated 59-74 in modern pencil. No early bookplate. Now bound into Mus. 37, a late 18th-century guardbook bound in white parchment over boards.

Provenance uncertain. The madrigals copied here derive from printed partbooks from the Aldrich bequest, but the manuscript itself may once have formed part of the Goodson bequest.

Microfilm: manuscript music, reel 5.

Malchair was the first to observe the link between this score and Mus. 908-12, tract 19. See his annotation to the front flyleaf of Mus. 908: 'Ten of this set may be seen in score in a Vol: of Goodsons Collection in this Library' (the last three words of this entry subsequently deleted). In Mus. 37 (pp. 59-74) itself, Malchair has added Nenna's name at the head of each madrigal.