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Mus. 19

Manuscript. Services and anthems by Henry Aldrich; autograph scores. English, 1680s-90s. Copied in three layers: (1) services (items 1-4); (2) verse anthems (items 5-20); (3) full anthems (items 21-8).

Table of titles and composers as shown in the manuscript. Display in modern form.

1 [Henry Aldrich] [Service in G: T/J/K/C/M/N] pp. 1-16
2 [Henry Aldrich] [Service in A: T/J/K/C/Ca/D] pp. 17-36
3 [Henry Aldrich] [Service in F: T/Jx2/K/C/M/N] pp. 37-75
4 [Henry Aldrich] [Service in e: Be (inc.)] pp. 76-78
5 [Henry Aldrich] O Lord our Governour pp. 101-103
6 [Henry Aldrich] The Lord is King and hath put on pp. 103-108
7 [Henry Aldrich] I waited patiently for the Lord pp. 109-115
8 [Henry Aldrich] Praise the Lord O yee his servants pp. 115-121
9 [Henry Aldrich] O God thou art my God pp. 122-127
10 [Henry Aldrich] Have mercy upon me O Lord pp. 127-132
11 [Henry Aldrich] Give the King thy judgments pp. 133-138
12 [Henry Aldrich] O Lord I have heard thy voice pp. 139-146
13 [Henry Aldrich] I will love Thee O Lord pp. 147-153
14 [Henry Aldrich] O sing unto the Lord pp. 154-156
15 [Henry Aldrich] I will exalt Thee pp. 157-162
16 [Henry Aldrich; misattributed in a C18th hand to] Dr Child If the Lord himself pp. 163-168
17 [Henry Aldrich] Unto Thee o Lord pp. 168-174
18 [Henry Aldrich] Who's this that comes from Edom? pp. 174-183
19 [Henry Aldrich] Comfort yee my people pp. 184-190
20 [Henry Aldrich] Wee have a strong city pp. 191-196
21 [Henry Aldrich] Out of the deep pp. 199-201
22 [Henry Aldrich] O praise the Lord all yee heathen pp. 201-203
23 [Henry Aldrich] Sing unto the Lord o yee Saints pp. 204-207
24 [Henry Aldrich] Give ear O Lord pp. 207-210
25 [Henry Aldrich] [Service in G: S/G] pp. 210-212
26 [Henry Aldrich] God is our hope and strength pp. 213-217
27 [Henry Aldrich] Behold now praise the Lord pp. 218-221
28 [Henry Aldrich] O give thanks unto the Lord for he pp. 223-226

Upright format, 363 x 235 mm. 116 folios; collation not ascertained because of the tightness of the binding. Paginated partly in C18th ink (pp. 1-81), otherwise in modern pencil (pp. 82-230). Following p. 60 is a sheet in smaller format, paginated '60A/B' in modern pencil, which was clearly intended by Aldrich to provide an alternative reading at this point. A pastedown cancel on p. 28, apparently correcting a copying error, has not been lifted. Unused ruled staves on pp. 79-100, 197-8, 222 and 227-30. Mid C18th binding of rough brown leather over boards, the upper cover of which incorporates a panel of red leather, tooled in gold: 'Dean Aldrich's Services Ch.Ch. Library Oxon.'. Bookplate 2. 19th-century shelfmark: H.1.19.

Provenance: from the Aldrich bequest, listed in Archives 1717, item C18, as 'Services compos'd by Dr Aldrich'; the shelfmark 'C 18' is written in ink on the first flyleaf (partly concealed under the contents-list by Weedon).

Microfilm: manuscript music, reel 3.


Robert Shay (ed.), Henry Aldrich: Selected Anthems and Motet Recompositions, Recent Researches in the Music of the Baroque Era, 85 (Madison, 1998). Find in a Library