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Mus. 18

Manuscript. English and Italian sacred and secular music, copied in score by Henry Aldrich, and including several of his own compositions; English, probably before 1677 (on account of the attribution of item 10 to 'Mr John Blow'), and possibly before c.1670 (see Wainwright (in Bibliography below), p. 204). The works by Aldrich are signed at the end with a monogram 'HA', equivalent to that found on the titlepage of Mus. 331 (q.v. for an image of this monogram).

Table of titles and composers in modern form. Display form found in manuscript.

1 Marco Marazzoli Amanti, sentite Amor pp. 1-4
2   Pensieri quietate p. 4
3   Occhi belli, ohime pp. 5-6
4 Francesco Turini O misera Dorinda pp. 7-10
5 Christopher Gibbons Celebrate Dominum pp. 11-13
6 George Jeffreys With notes that are both loud and sweet pp. 13-17
7 Giacomo Carissimi Care selve beate pp. 18-20
8 William Lawes Let God arise pp. 21-22
9 Giacomo Carissimi Lucifer pp. 23-25
10 John Blow Turn thee unto me, O Lord pp. 26-28
11 Orlando Gibbons, arr. Henry Aldrich Behold, thou hast made my days (ornamented alto verses and organ only) pp. 29-31
12 Christopher Gibbons How long wilt thou forget me pp. 32-34
13   Ave maris stella pp. 35-36
14   Cur sic ploras pp. 37-39
15 George Jeffreys Heu me miseram pp. 39-43
16 Alessandro Grandi (i) O quam gloriosus factus es (= O quam gloriosa facta es, O Maria) pp. 43-45
17   Hodie [...] per totum mundum (opening fragmentary) pp. 45-47
18 Robert Ramsey In guilty night pp. 48-51
19 Orlando Gibbons Sing unto the Lord pp. 52-56
20 Henry Aldrich Salvator mundi Domine pp. 57-63
21 George Jeffreys Erit gloria Domini pp. 64-65
22 Alessandro Grandi (i) Tu dulcis es, Messia (incomplete) (= Tu pulchra es, Maria) pp. 66-68
23 George Jeffreys Et ingrediar ad altare Dei (incomplete) pp. 68-70
24 Agostino Facchi Quid timidi estis (incomplete) pp. 70-73
25 Alessandro Grandi (i) O quam suave est nomen tuum, Messia (incomplete) (= O quam suave est nomen tuum, Maria) pp. 74-75
26 Michael Wise I charge you, O daughters of Jerusalem pp. 76-77
27 Henry Aldrich I am come into my garden pp. 77-81
28 Henry Aldrich O Lord our governor pp. 81-83
29 Henry Aldrich O bone Jesu pp. 83-86

Upright format, 355 x 237 mm. Collation: originally 11 gatherings, each of 2 nested bifolios (= 4 folios); 44 folios in total. The third leaf of the first gathering has been removed, leaving 43 folios. Paginated '1-86' by Malchair, who was also responsible for drafting the table of contents on the recto of the first front flyleaf. (This table was subsequently annotated by Havergal and others.) 'Aldrich binding' Type 1+. Bookplate 2. 19th-century shelfmark: H.1.18.

Provenance: from the Aldrich bequest, listed in Dowding (main hand), position P5, as 'Songs & Latin & English Anthems / by Carissimi & Gibbons'. In Mus. 18 itself, pieces by Carissimi (item 9) and Christopher Gibbons (item 12) are among the few that bear attributions added by Aldrich himself.

Microfilm: manuscript music, reel 3.


Jonathan P. Wainwright, Musical Patronage in Seventeenth-Century England: Christopher, First Baron Hatton (1605-1670) (Aldershot and Brookfield VT, 1997), pp. 204 and 368-70. Find in a Library