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Mus. 17

Manuscript. A collection of English songs and catches, Italian cantatas and motets, and French airs, begun by Henry Aldrich (items 1-53, 60), and continued by Richard Goodson Sr (items 54-9); English, late 17th century.

  • Items 5, 9, 22, 28 and 48 also occur in Mus. 350.
  • Items 3 and 8: also occur in Lbl Add. 10338.
  • Item 40 is signed with Aldrich's monogram.
  • Items 42-4: attributions to Pietro Reggio have been deleted.
  • Item 50: text from Virgil, Aeneid IX 481. Only the opening bars of the setting are given, followed by blank staves on ff. 25v-26r, as if for later completion.
  • Items 54-9 (Graziani): also copied in Mus. 7.
  • Item 60: copied at the rear with the volume inverted.
Table of titles and composers in modern form. Display form found in manuscript.
The first column gives the modern numbering of the pieces; the second shows numbering used by the copyist(s).
1 1   Poor joys, the happiness I take f. 1r
2 2   Ohimè, che sara mi sento f. 1v
3 3 George Jeffreys All'ombra de gli'allori f. 2r
4 4   L'empia con dolci accenti f. 2r
5 5 Giacomo Carissimi Vittoria, mio core (Amante sciolto d'amore) f. 2v
6 6 Mario Savioni Su strali di foco all'armi, all'assalto f. 3r
7 7 'Sigre Michaeli' Il tempo chi lali f. 3v
8 8 George Jeffreys Occhi stelle mortali f. 4r
9 9   Potrei non amar' più f. 4v
10 10 John Jenkins See, see the bright light shine f. 5r
11 11 John Wilson Beauty which all men admire f. 5v
12 12 Nicholas Lanier Sweet, do not thus destroy me f. 5r
13 13 William Lawes What if I die for love of thee f. 6r
14 14   Here, my pale Lycoris ff. 6v-7r
15 15 Edward Lowe When death hath snatched us from these kids (Dialogue between Thirsis and Dorinda) ff. 7r-8r
16 16 Roger Hill ; treble by Edward Lowe The thirsty earth ff. 8r-v
17 17 Edward Lowe Sir Eglamore, that valiant knight f. 9r
18 18 Edward Lowe God prosper long our noble king f. 9r
19 19   Al fiero gioco che poco f. 9v
20 20 Luigi Rossi D'una bella infedele f. 10r
21 21 Luigi Rossi Mani altere e divine ff. 10v-11r
22 22   Troppo'è ver' quel ch'io credo f. 11r
23 23 'Mr Wyatt' Come, shall we three sing this catch f. 11r
24 24 Nicholas Lanier Amorosa pargoletta f. 11v
25 25 Nicholas Lanier Miser pastorella f. 11v
26 26 Luigi Rossi A chi, lasso, crederò f. 12r
27 27   Pupilette amate f. 12v
28 28   Or ch'il core arde'al foco ff. 13r-12v
29 29 Luigi Rossi Fanciulla son'io ff. 13v-14r
30 30   Io son pur sola ff. 14v-15r
31 31   Son cieca'è ver f. 15v
32 32   Mi rapisce la mia pace ff. 15v-16r
33 33   Che mi giova in alto scoglio f. 16r
34 34   Occhi, voi che piangete f. 16v
35 35   Cerchi'ognun'i suoi vantaggi f. 17r
36 36   I sereni d'amor ff. 17r-v
37 37 Jean-Baptiste Lully Ah, pour te plaire f. 17v
38 38   My love gave me a cherry f. 18r
39 39 Luigi Rossi Chi mi credeva instabile ff. 18r-19r
40 40 Henry Aldrich Philomela praevia f. 19v
41 41 Pietro Reggio Know, Celia, since you are so proud f. 19v
42 42   Con quel vagho' augellin ff. 20r-v
43 43 Vincenzo Albrici? Vo cercando la speranza f. 20v
44 44 Vincenzo Albrici? Perchè piangete amanti ff. 21r-v
45 45   Non sdegnar, O Diva mia f. 22r
46 46 Vincenzo Albrici? Luci belle, sete stelle ff. 22v-23r
47 47 Vincenzo Albrici? Viva, viva la fortuna ff. 23v-24r
48 48 Jean-Baptiste Lully Scoca pur tutti f. 24v
49 49 Pietro Reggio Quando l'alma più si duole f. 25r
50 50   Hunc ego te (opening only) f. 25v
51 51   Un cor che non chiede f. 26v
52 52 Bonifazio Graziani Velut palma, velut rosa ff. 27r-29r
53 53   Piangete, piangete a mei martiri (opening only) f. 29r
54   Bonifazio Graziani Surge, surge dilecte mi ff. 30v-33r
55   Bonifazio Graziani Ad laudes, ad carmina ff. 33r-35v
56   Bonifazio Graziani Canite, canite filiae Sion ff. 36r-39r
57   Bonifazio Graziani Crudelis infernus ff. 39r-42r
58   Bonifazio Graziani Salve, salve coelitum regina ff. 42v-44v
59   Bonifazio Graziani Alleluia: de funere ad vitam ff. 45r-46v

Upright format, 363 x 240 mm. 48 folios; collation not ascertained on account of the tightness of the binding. Foliated in modern pencil. Items 1-53 have been numbered in ink by Aldrich. Unused ruled staves on ff. 26r, 29v-30r and 47r-48r. Late 17th-century 'Aldrich binding' (Type 1): brown leather over boards, blind-tooled with fillets and bud-like ornaments. Bookplate 2. Partial list of composers in pencil on front flyleaf (ii) by Malchair. List of contents in pencil on front flyleaf (i) by Havergal.19th-century shelfmark: H.1.17.

Provenance: the presence of Aldrich's handwriting and the evidence of the binding imply that the volume reached Christ Church as part of the Aldrich bequest. However, it has not been matched against an entry in any of the 18th-century catalogues of the Christ Church collections.

Microfilm: manuscript music, reel 46.

This is one of the many music manuscripts at Christ Church copied by Henry Aldrich.