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Mus. 13

Manuscript. A collection principally of motets and other Latin-texted sacred music by Giacomo Carissimi and Bonifazio Graziani, copied in score by Richard Goodson Sr and Henry Aldrich; English, late 17th century.

The collection falls into several layers, separated by pages of unused ruled staves. Layers and copyists are as follows:

  • items 1-14 (pp.1-96): copied by Richard Goodson Sr. Item 14 appears to have been copied from Mus. 959 (item 1).
  • item 15 (p. 97): copied by Henry Aldrich.
  • item 16 (pp. 105-7): copied by Henry Aldrich.
  • items 17 - 30 (pp. 117-88): copied by Henry Aldrich.
  • items 31-6 (pp. 195-241): copied by Henry Aldrich.

This is one of many music manuscripts at Christ Church copied partly or wholly by Richard Goodson Sr.
This is one of the many music manuscripts at Christ Church copied partly or wholly by Henry Aldrich.

Table of titles and composers in modern form. Display form found in manuscript.

1 Bonifazio Graziani Venite, pastores pp. 1-5
2 Bonifazio Graziani Pastores dum custodistis pp. 5-11
3 Bonifazio Graziani Quid agis cor meum pp. 11-17
4 Giacomo Carissimi Domine Deus meus pp. 17-24
5 Giacomo Carissimi Exulta, gaude, filia Sion pp. 24-29
6 Giacomo Carissimi Laudemus virum gloriosum pp. 30-34
7 Giacomo Carissimi Quo tam laetus pp. 34-41
8 Giacomo Carissimi Cantabo Domino in vita mea pp. 42-46
9 Giacomo Carissimi Turbabantur impii pp. 47-56
10 Giacomo Carissimi Domine quis habitabit pp. 56-64
11 Giacomo Carissimi Dicite nobis sanctorum civium pp. 64-72
12 Giacomo Carissimi Annunciate gentes pp. 73-79
13 Giacomo Carissimi Cum reverteretur David pp. 80-86
14   O me infelice ('Falsirena disperata') pp. 87-96
15 Giacomo Carissimi Care selve beate (opening only) p. 97
16 Giacomo Carissimi Sicut stella matutina pp. 105-107
17 Giacomo Carissimi O dulcissimum Mariae nomen pp. 117-118
18 Giacomo Carissimi Jephte (final chorus only: 'Plorate filiae Israel') pp. 119-120
19 Giacomo Carissimi Hodie Simon Petrus pp. 121-123
20 Giacomo Carissimi O vulnera doloris (opening only) p. 123
21 Giacomo Carissimi Egredimini caelestes curiae pp. 125-128
22 Giacomo Carissimi Quis est hic vir beatissimus pp. 129-134
23 Giacomo Carissimi Praevaluerunt in nos pp. 135-139
24 Giacomo Carissimi Suscitavit Dominus pp. 140-144
25 Giacomo Carissimi Militia est vita hominis pp. 145-148
26 Giacomo Carissimi Ave dulcissime angelorum panis pp. 149-152
27 Giacomo Carissimi Vidi impium superexaltatum pp. 153-158
28 Giacomo Carissimi Surgamus, eamus pp. 159-162
29 Giacomo Carissimi? Gaudete exercitus caeli pp. 163-164
30   Mass a3; arr of Mus. 55/5 pp. 165-188
31 Giacomo Carissimi Exultabunt justi pp. 195-202
32 Giacomo Carissimi Judicium Salomonis pp. 203-215
33 Giacomo Carissimi O vulnera doloris pp. 215-220
34 Giacomo Carissimi? Benedicite omnes angeli pp. 221-225
35 Giacomo Carissimi Quomodo facti sunt impii pp. 226-229
36 Giacomo Carissimi Confitebor tibi Domine pp. 229-241

  • Item 32 bears the following annotation by Aldrich (p. 203): 'But the symphonies are to be left out / being not Carissimi's but some musty Dutchman's'.

Upright format, 370 x 245 mm. 122 folios; collation not ascertained because of the tightness of the binding. The volume opens with an unpaginated leaf containing unused blank staves; the remainder of the volume is paginated. Goodson Sr was responsible for paginating pp. 1-96; his system erroneously numbers two adjacent pages as '78'. The error was corrected by Malchair, who was responsble for the remaining pagination. Unused ruled staves on pp. 98-104, 108-116, 124, 189-94 and 242. Late 17th-century binding of brown leather over boards, blind-tooled with fillets and ornaments. Bookplate 2. List of contents on the front flyleaf by Malchair. 19th-century shelfmark: H.1.13.

Provenance: not matched against any entry in the 18th-century catalogues of the Christ Church collections, but presumably from the Aldrich bequest.

Microfilm: manuscript music, reel 46.


Robert Shay (ed.), Henry Aldrich: Selected Anthems and Motet Recompositions, Recent Researches in the Music of the Baroque Era, 85 (Madison, 1998). Find in a Library