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Mus. 1231

Manuscript. Organ accompaniments to English service music, copied by William Walond Sr, with later additions; English, mid 18th century and later. Copied in Oxford for use at Christ Church Cathedral. (Follow this link for a list of surviving music-books from Christ Church Cathedral from the Restoration to the early 19th century.) In the inventory below, items 1-14 are copied from the front of the volume, items 15-20 from the rear with the volume inverted. Item 21, inscribed 'Tenore Decani', is written on a separate bifolio loose within the volume, and is presumably a stray from a complete set of vocal parts.

  • Items 2-3 and 10-11 are later additions in pencil by unidentified hands.
  • Items 12-14 and 21 are later additions in ink by unidentified hands.
Table of titles and composers in modern form. Display form found in manuscript.
1 Robert Shenton Service in D: Ca/D pp. 1-13
2   Double chant in E flat p. 7
3   Double chant in D p. 7
4 John Bishop Service in D: Ca/D pp. 14-23
5 Richard Goodson (i) Service in C: T/J pp. 24-38
6 Thomas Tallis Short Service: T/B/S/K/C/M/N pp. 39-58
7 William Byrd Short Service: T/B/K/C/M/N pp. 59-79
8 Orlando Gibbons Short Service: T/B/K/C/M/N pp. 80-100
9 Benjamin Rogers Whole Service in D: T/J/S/K/C/M/N pp. 101-117
10 [?William] Jackson Double chant in E or e p. 118
11   jottings in pencil p. 119
12   Service in E: K p. 120
13   jottings in ink p. 121
14 Charles King Service in C: K p. 121
15 Michael Wise Service in d: T/J/M/N R1-R16
16 Pelham Humfrey Service in e: T/J/M/N R17-R32
17 William Child Short Service in E flat: T/J/M/N R33-R48
18 Richard Farrant High Service: T/B/K/C/M/N R49-R70
19 Nathaniel Pattrick Short service: T/B/K/C/M/N R71-R91
20 Henry Purcell Service in B flat: T/B/Ca/D R92-R115
21 A.H.?Keland Service in ?G: S/K loose

Oblong format, 305 x 233 mm. 118 folios, paginated in ink by Walond Sr. Mid 18th-century binding of rough brown leather over boards, blind tooled, and inscribed 'Nr 1' on the upper and lower covers. Indexes of contents have been added on the inside upper and lower covers by Walond Sr. No early bookplate.

Provenance: transferred from Christ Church Cathedral, probably in the early 20th century.

Microfilm: manuscript music, reel 43.


Peter Ward Jones and Donald Burrows, 'An inventory of mid-eighteenth-century Oxford musical hands', R.M.A. Research Chronicle, 35 (2002), 61ff. Find in a Library

For a list of other music manuscripts at Christ Church copied by William Walond Sr, see the end of the entry for Mus. 40.