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Mus. 1230

Manuscript. Organ-book containing accompaniments to anthems and service music, copied for use at Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford; English, early 18th century, with later additions. The contents partly duplicate those of Mus. 1220-4, the principal set of partbooks in use at Christ Church Cathedral in the post-Restoration era. (For a full list of surviving music-books from Christ Church Cathedral from the Restoration to the early 19th century, follow this link.)

The contents of Mus. 1230 were copied principally by Richard Goodson Sr, in three layers: (1) items 1-39; (2) items 41-56; and (3) item 61. The last three folios of the first layer (pp. 76-81) are now missing. Item 53 refers to 'Mr Croft', and was therefore copied before 1713, the year in which Croft was awarded his doctorate. The text of item 54 refers to the 'Queen', placing copying before Queen Anne's death in 1714. Goodson Sr himself died in 1718. (This is one of the many music manuscripts at Christ Church copied by Richard Goodson Sr.) Blank pages in the volume were subsequently filled by Richard Goodson Jr (items 40, 57-8, 60, 61 (2nd Jubilate only) and 62), and by two unidentified hands (items 59 and 63).

The layers written by Goodson Sr were copied without composer ascriptions; attributions for these works were subsequently added by later hands. Some pieces bear cross-references to alternative copies of the same pieces in other Christ Church organ-books.

Notes on individual pieces:

  • item 26: see also the score of the vocal parts in Mus. 783. No copy of this work is known to survive in Henry Aldrich's own hand, and it appears to have been attributed to him only posthumously.
  • item 39: opening page only; thereafter, three leaves (= pages 76-81) are missing. The index at the front of the volume indicates that the missing pages contained an unidentified 'Sanctus', and 'How long' by Benjamin Rogers.
Table of titles and composers in modern form. Display form found in manuscript.
1 Henry Aldrich (after Palestrina) The eye of the Lord (= Jesus junxit se) pp. 1-2
2 Richard Farrant Hide not thou thy face from us p. 3
3 Richard Farrant Call to remembrance p. 4
4 Henry Aldrich (after an unidentified model) By the waters of Babylon pp. 5-6
5 Henry Aldrich (after Palestrina) Hold not thy tongue (= Nativitas tua) pp. 7-8
6 Henry Aldrich (after William Mundy) O Lord, I bow the knees pp. 9-10
7 William Byrd O Lord, make thy servant Elizabeth pp. 11-12
8 William Byrd Sing joyfully pp. 13-14
9 Henry Aldrich (after an unidentified model) All people that on earth do dwell pp. 15-16
10 Orlando Gibbons Hosanna to the son of David pp. 17-18
11 Orlando Gibbons Lift up your heads, O ye gates pp. 19-20
12 Henry Aldrich Behold now, praise the Lord pp. 21-22
13 Edmund Hooper Behold, it is Christ pp. 23-24
14 Henry Aldrich (after Byrd) Be not wroth (= Civitas sancti tui) pp. 25-26
15 Henry Aldrich Give ear, O Lord pp. 27-28
16 Orlando Gibbons, arr. Henry Aldrich Give sentence with me (= Almighty and everlasting God) pp. 29-30
17 Henry Aldrich God is our hope and strength pp. 30-32
18 Thomas Tallis I call and cry (= O sacrum convivium) pp. 33-34
19 Henry Aldrich (after Tallis) I look for the Lord (based on Absterge Domine) pp. 35-36
20 Henry Aldrich (after Tallis) I will magnify thee (based on Absterge Domine) pp. 37-38
21 Henry Aldrich (after Palestrina) My heart is fixed (= Nos autem gloriari) pp. 39-40
22 John Blow My God, my soul is vexed pp. 41-42
23 Henry Aldrich (after Palestrina) O God the king of glory (= O rex gloriae) pp. 43-44
24 William Mundy O Lord, the maker of all thing pp. 45-46
25 Benjamin Rogers O pray for the peace of Jerusalem pp. 47-48
26   O Lord, grant the Queen a long life pp. 49-51
27 Henry Aldrich O praise the Lord, all ye heathen pp. 51-52
28 Henry Aldrich Out of the deep pp. 53-54
29 Robert White [arr. William Husbands] O Lord, rebuke me not [=The Lord bless us] pp. 55-56
30 John Blow O God, wherefore art thou absent pp. 57-58
31 Henry Aldrich O give thanks unto the Lord for he pp. 59-60
32 Henry Aldrich (after Palestrina) Why art thou so vexed (= Ave Maria) pp. 61-62
33 Henry Aldrich [after Palestrina] We have heard with our ears [= Doctor bonus] pp. 63-64
34 Thomas Tallis With all our hearts (= Salvator mundi I) pp. 65-66
35 William Byrd Save me, O God pp. 67-68
36 John Mundy O give thanks unto the Lord, for he pp. 69-70
37 Henry Purcell O God, thou hast cast us out (Z.36) pp. 71-72
38 William Child Praise the Lord, O my soul [I] pp. 73-74
39 Henry Aldrich Sing unto the Lord, O ye saints p. 75
40 John Weldon O praise God in his holiness p. 82
41 Henry Purcell I will sing unto the Lord (Z.22) pp. 83-84
42 John Blow Save me, O God pp. 85-86
43 Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina Sing we merrily (= Exultate Deo) pp. 87-88
44 Henry Aldrich (after an unidentified model) O Lord God of our salvation (1st version, incomplete and deleted) pp. 89-90
45 Henry Aldrich (after an unidentified model) O Lord God of our salvation (2nd version) pp. 91-92
46 Henry Aldrich (after an unidentified model) Be thou exalted, O Lord pp. 93-94
47 Henry Aldrich (after Richard Farrant and Henry Lawes) Not unto us, Lord (derived from Farrant, 'Lord, for thy tender mercy's sake', and H. Lawes, 'Zadok the priest') pp. 95-96
48 John Goldwin I will sing unto the Lord pp. 97-98
49 John Goldwin Blessed be the Lord God p. 99
50 Richard Farrant Lord, for thy tender mercy's sake p. 100
51 John Goldwin I have set God alway before me pp. 101-102
52 Christopher Tye (shortened; by Henry Aldrich?) I will exalt thee, O Lord pp. 103-104
53 William Croft We will rejoice in thy salvation pp. 105-108
54 William Croft O Lord, grant the Queen a long life pp. 109-112
55 John Weldon Hear my crying pp. 113-116
56 William Croft Hear my prayer pp. 117-118
57 John Goldwin Hear me, O God, in the multitude pp. 119-122
58 John Weldon In thee, O Lord pp. 123-127
59 John Weldon O praise God in his holiness p. 128
60 Nathaniel Pattrick Short Service: T/B/K/C/M/N pp. 131-142
61 Henry Aldrich Service in F: T/J1/K/C/J2 pp. 143-158
62 Benjamin Rogers Behold now, praise the Lord pp. 159-160
63 John Weldon O praise the Lord p. 161

Oblong format, 295 x 240 mm. Originally at least 82 folios. Of these, ff. [1-60] were paginated '1-118' by the copyists, beginning at f. [1v] with p. 1; the remaining pagination is largely in modern pencil. Collation: originally 20 fascicles, of which fascicles 3-20 were numbered in the bottom left-hand corners of the opening and closing pages. Fascicles [1-2] comprise 12 leaves in total (pp. 1-23); their collation is unclear. Thereafter the collation was regular in fours (i.e. fascicles 3-19 each comprised 2 nested bifolios, = 4 folios), beginning at p. 24. Gathering 9 now lacks its last two leaves (pp. 76-9), and gathering 10 lacks its first leaf (pp. 80-81). The first leaf of gathering 17 is also missing; removed before pagination took place, it occupied the position between current pp. 127 and 128. Gathering 20 now comprises only two leaves (pp. 158-61), and may lack its last two leaves. Unused ruled staves on f. [1r] and pp. 129-30. 18th-century binding of rough brown leather over boards, blind-tooled. Index pasted to the inside upper cover by an unidentified 18th-century hand, with later additions in pencil (including one by Basil Harwood, dated 1893). Upper and lower outside covers annotated with the number '7', referring to the sequence of organ-books used at Christ Church Cathedral.

Provenance: transferred from Christ Church Cathedral, probably in the early 20th century.


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