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Mus. 1229

Manuscript. Organ accompaniments for anthems and English services, copied in Oxford for use at Christ Church Cathedral between c.1735 and the 1750s. The first layer of repertory was copied by Richard Goodson Jr, who was organist of Christ Church Cathedral in 1718-41; it includes some pieces that were added in the early 18th century to the partbook set Mus. 1220-4. Mus. 1229 was then expanded by other scribes, including William Walond Sr. (Follow this link for a list of surviving music-books from Christ Church Cathedral from the Restoration to the early 19th century.) In the inventory below, items 1-16 (largely anthems) are copied at the front of the volume, items 17-22 (service music and chants) at the rear with the volume inverted.

The following copyists contributed to the volume:

  • Richard Goodson Jr: items 2-5 and 17-20.
  • William Walond Sr.: items 7-12, 14-15 and 22.
  • Unidentified A: item 6 (in collaboration with Walond Sr) and item 13.
  • ?George Hayes: item 21.
  • Unidentified B: items 1 and 16.
Comments on individual pieces:
  • Item 5: there is a complete copy of this anthem by Goodson Jr in Mus. 1234, item 1.
  • Item 7: this is the same setting as Mus. 1220-4, item 313.
  • Item 18 was also copied in score in Mus. 762.
Table of titles and composers in modern form. Display form found in manuscript.
1   Sketch for a double chant in C p. [0]
2 Charles Stroud Hear my prayer, O Lord pp. 1-6
3 Henry Purcell They that go down to the sea in ships (Z.57) pp. 7-12
4 John Blow I beheld, and lo! a great multitude pp. 12-18
5 William Croft The earth is the Lord's (opening only, deleted) p. 19
6 Maurice Greene Let my complaint pp. 20-28
7   Come, Holy Ghost, our souls inspire pp. 29-30
8 Jeremiah Clarke I will exalt thee pp. 31-37
9 William Croft Hear my prayer pp. 39-42
10 John Blow Sing we merrily unto God our strength pp. 43-48
11 William Croft O Lord, grant the King a long life pp. 49-54
12 William Croft Thou, O God, art praised pp. 55-64
13 Maurice Greene I will sing of thy power pp. 65-69
14 Maurice Greene O Lord, give ear pp. 70-78
15 Maurice Greene Blessed are those that are undefiled pp. 79-86
16   Two double chants p. 88
17 Anthony Walkeley Whole Service in F: T/J/S/K/C/M/N R1-R14
18 ?Charles Jones Evening Service in F major: M/N pp. 15-18
19 Nathaniel Priest Service in F: T/J/M/N R19-R36
20 Charles King Service in B flat: T/J/Ca/D R37-R52
21 Robert Creighton Service in E flat: T/J/M/N R53-R61
22 various attributions; see below A substantial collection of single and double chants R62-R74

Item 22 above comprises approximately 115 chants, of which the first 100 are numbered. All are notated in two-voice short score (treble and bass); many of them also have inner voices added in a lighter ink. The following chants have ascriptions, sometimes added in light ink that is now barely legible; the remainder are unattributed:

  • 'Mr [John] Alcock' (or his initials): nos. 56-9, 74-7, 80-81, 92-3.
  • 'Dr [John] Blow': no. 30.
  • 'Dr [William] Boyce': no. 20.
  • 'Mr [William] Broderpp': no. 7.
  • 'Dr Free [?Freer]': no. 17.
  • 'Mr Fuller': no. 1.
  • '[Maurice] Green': no. 19.
  • 'Mr [Henry] Hall': no. 26, and unnumbered on p. R73.
  • 'Mr [William] Hine': no. 47.
  • 'Dr [William] Hayes [(i)]': nos. 10, 13, 22-4, 89, and unnumbered on p. R74.
  • 'Mr [Bartholomew] Isacks': no. 25.
  • 'Thos Kelway' (or variants of his name, or initials): nos. 2, 3, 5, 6.
  • 'Mr [James] Nares': no. 87.
  • 'Mr Pembruge': no. 9.
  • 'Ed: Purcell': no. 14.
  • 'H. Purcell': no. 18.
  • 'Tho. Purcell': no. 29.
  • 'Mr Purcell': no. 90.
  • 'Dr [?William] Turner [(ii?)]': nos. 32, 91.
Oblong format, 275 x 237 mm. 82 surviving folios, largely paginated in ink by the copyists, in two sequences, one counting from the front of the volume, the other from the rear with the volume inverted. In each case, the pagination sequence begins on the first verso; the opening recto is therefore designated as '0' in both cases. Collation: in fours throughout, but with numerous excisions, as follows
  • From the front: A4 (of which A2 was excised before pagination took place; pp. 0-5) / B4 (pp. 6-13) / C4 (pp. 14-21) / D4 (pp. 22-9) / E4 (pp. 30-37) / an excised gathering, removed before pagination / F4 (pp. 38-45) / G4 (pp. 46-53) / H4 (pp. 54-61) / I4 (pp. 62-9) / J4 (of which J1-2 were excised before pagination; J3-4 = pp. 70-73) / K4 (pp. 74-81) / L4 (of which L1 was excised before pagination; L2-4 = pp. 82-7) / an excised gathering.
  • From the rear: Z4 (pp. R0-7) / Y4 (pp. R8-15) / X4 (pp. R16-23) / W4 (pp. R24-31) / V4 (pp. R32-9) / U4 (pp. R40-7) / T4 (pp. R48-55) / S4 (pp. R56-63) / R4 (of which R4 is excised; R1-3 = pp. R64-9) / Q4 (of which Q1 was excised before copying; Q2-4 = pp. R70-5 / then the excised gathering, as reckoned above when counting from the front.
There are pastedown cancels on pp. 5 and 21; these have not been lifted. Index of services on the inside lower cover begun by Goodson Jr and continued by later hands; index of anthems on inside upper cover by Walond Sr and others. Mid 18th-century binding of rough brown leather over boards, blind-tooled with rolls, cornerpieces and fillets; on the upper cover, an inset of red leather, gold-tooled with the words 'CHRIST CHURCH ORGAN BOOK'. Upper cover inscribed 'No. 13' in black ink. No early bookplate.

Provenance: transferred from Christ Church Cathedral, probably in the early 20th century.

Microfilm: manuscript music, reel 43.


Peter Ward Jones and Donald Burrows, 'An inventory of mid-eighteenth-century Oxford musical hands', R.M.A. Research Chronicle, 35 (2002), 61ff. Find in a Library

For a list of other music manuscripts at Christ Church copied by William Walond Sr, see the end of the entry for Mus. 40.