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Mus. 1208

Printed. Two sets of proofs, one incomplete, from a projected collection of English church music, using Peter de Walpergen's music type; mid 1690s.

Mus. 1208(1)
[Proofs for collection of anthems in score, edited by Henry Aldrich. Contents: [Henry Aldrich], 'Have mercy upon me'; Orlando Gibbons, 'Behold thou hast made my days'.]
[Oxford]: c. 1696-7
Mus. 1208(2)
Aldrich, Henry, 1647-1710 Grove DNB
Gibbons, Orlando, 1583-1625 Grove DNB
[Alternative proofs for collection of anthems in score, edited by Henry Aldrich. Contents: [Henry Aldrich], 'Have mercy upon me' [incomplete]; Orlando Gibbons, 'Behold thou hast made my days'; [Henry Aldrich], 'Give the king thy judgements' [first page only].]
[Oxford]: c. 1696-7

Printed in Oxford; according to a letter from Harry Carter dated 19 January 1970 (photocopy, loose within the volume), the cost of printing the proofs is recorded in the Warehouse Keeper's Accounts for the Oxford University Press, Michaelmas 1696-7, p. 92: 'For Printing four sheets of the Cathedral Musick, composeing one sheet for a Specimen and 3 Sheets more at 12s. per S.' It is also listed in the Delegates' stock in 1697 (ibid., p. 96): '4 Sheets of cathedral Musick (value) 25s.'; and in the stock list of 1699 (ibid., p. 142). There are proof-corrections in Aldrich's hand on p. 15 of the first copy; the second copy incorporates some but not all of those changes.

Provenance: undocumented, but presumably from the Aldrich bequest. Not recorded in any catalogue until Havergal 1846.

Upright format, 423 x 267 mm. The second copy, bound immediately after the first, lacks pp. 1-4. Annotation on p. 1 of the first copy, in an unidentified 18th-century hand: 'Specimens of Church Musick in Score, as intended to be printed by Dean Aldrich.' Early 20th-century binding of stiff card and vellum. No early bookplate. Formerly Mus. 1169, then Mus. 1134.

Microfilm: The printed music of Christ Church, Oxford, reel 76.
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For a related publication, see Mus. 870-6.


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