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Mus. 1188-9 (ff. 39-40)

Manuscript. Two fragments, copied in score by Henry Aldrich. English, late 17th century.

  • f. 39r: ending of untexted work in g minor.
  • ff. 39r-40v: [Henry Aldrich], opening of 'O give thanks unto the Lord', copied in a mixture of black and red inks, presumably to differentiate vocal parts when they share a stave.

Upright format, 417 x 265 mm. Two adjacent single sheets, each now mounted on a guard. The first, f. 39, is intact; the second, f. 40, is a torn fragment of a sheet of the same size, lacking its lower half. No early bookplate. Now bound within Mus. 1188-9, an early 20th-century guardbook of stiff card and vellum.

Provenance unknown; presumably transmitted in the company of other Aldrich fragments now bound into Mus. 1188-9.

Microfilm: manuscript music, reel 39.