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Mus. 1188-9 (ff. 20-27)

Manuscript. Two partbook-fascicles, the first (ff. 20-23) labelled 'Bassus Cantoris', the second (ff. 24-7) 'Contratenor Cantoris', containing movements from Henry Aldrich's Service in F, and an unidentified verse anthem, ['God is our refuge and strength']. Copied largely by Edward Lowe, with some text-underlay supplied by Henry Aldrich; English, 3rd quarter of 17th century.

Bassus Cantoris:

f. 20r [Henry Aldrich] [Service in F:] K
ff. 20r-20v [Henry Aldrich] [Service in F:] C [truncated]
f. 21r   ['God is our refuge'; opens:] A very present help
ff. 21v-22r [Henry Aldrich] [Service in F: M [with deletions and pastedowns]
f. 22v [Henry Aldrich] [Service in F:] N
ff. 23r-23v   [blank ruled staves]
Contratenor Cantoris:
f. 24r [Henry Aldrich] [Service in F:] K
ff. 24r-24v [Henry Aldrich] [Service in F:] C [truncated]
f. 25r   ['God is our refuge'; opens:] A very present help
ff. 25v-26r [Henry Aldrich] [Service in F:] M [with deletions and pastedowns]
f. 26v [Henry Aldrich] [Service in F:] N
f. 27r   [blank ruled staves]
f. 27v [Henry Aldrich] [Service in F: C, fragment; opens:] God of God
Upright format, 330 x 213 mm. Each fascicle comprises a pair of nested bifolios pasted together and mounted on a guard. No early bookplate. Now bound within Mus. 1188-9, an early 20th-century guardbook of stiff card and vellum.

Provenance unknown. Not recorded in any Christ Church catalogue until Havergal Summary, where it is listed among the Portfolios at position I.2.γ under the general heading of '14 Anonymous anthems, mostly separate, with fragments of others, & 3 services in parts. MS'; in Mus. 1188-9 (ff. 20-27) itself, the portfolio reference 'I.2.γ' is written in red crayon at the top of f. 24r.

Microfilm: manuscript music, reel 39.