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Mus. 1178

Manuscript. One of a pair of partbooks (the other is now Mus. 49 (pp. 152-91)) originally containing the upper voice-parts and basso continuo of five motets for two voices and continuo by Giovanni Felice Sances (nos. 4-8 below), copied by Charles Husbands Sr, to which other motets by Italian composers (nos. 1-3 and 9-11) were subsequently added by Edward Lowe. English, c. 1670-80.

Table of titles and composers in modern form. Display form found in manuscript.

1 Gasparo Casati Regina caeli laetare ff. 1r-v
2 Giovanni Rovetta Laudate pueri ff. 2r-3r
3 Egidio Trabattone Anima mea in aeterna dulcedine ff. 3v-4v
4 Felice Sances Judica me Deus ff. 5r-7r
5 Felice Sances Domine ne memineris ff. 7vv-10v
6 Felice Sances Tota pulchra es, amica mea ff. 10v-12r
7 Felice Sances Deus in adiutorium ff. 12v-14r
8 Felice Sances Laudemus viros gloriosos ff. 14v-16v
9 Gaparo Casati O Jesu mea vita ff. 17v-18r
10 Natale Monferrato Regina caeli laetare ff. 18v-19r
11   In te Domine speravi ff. 19v-20r

Upright format, 320 x 210 mm. Nested fascicle of 10 bifolios (= 20 folios in total), of which the central six bifolios (ff. 5-16) form the core copied by Charles Husbands Sr (and are paginated '1-24' by him). The surrounding 4 bifolios (ff. 1-4, 17-20) are of paper with a different watermark. (The partner partbook, Mus. 49 (pp. 152-91), has an identical gathering structure.) Foliation is modern. Unused ruled staves on f. 20v. No early bookplate. Early 20th-century binding of tooled brown leather over boards.

Provenance unknown. Not recorded in any early catalogue until Havergal Summary, where it is listed among the Portfolios at position I.2.β, item 2: '12 [motets by] Cassatus Carissimi (?) Sances, & anon: MS.'; in Mus. 1178 itself, the portfolio reference 'I.2.β' is written in red crayon at the top of f. 1r.

Annotation on f. 14v (item 8) in an unidentified late C17th hand: 'Throughbase in the Thick 4to page 303'; the identity of the latter volume has not been traced. There is an identical annotation at this point in the partner partbook. Annotation on f. 17r by Edward Lowe: 'Set up thy selfe'.

For a citation of this pair of partbooks, see the comment by Lowe on f. 1r of Mus. 1151.

Microfilm: manuscript music, reel 60.


Jonathan P. Wainwright, Musical Patronage in Seventeenth-Century England: Christopher, First Baron Hatton (1605-1670) (Aldershot and Brookfield VT, 1997), pp. 418-19. Find in a Library