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Mus. 1175

Manuscript. A collection of keyboard music compiled and largely composed or arranged by an otherwise untraced musician called 'Robert Wintersall' (possibly a variant of Wintershall, Wintershull or Wintersel); English, mid 17th century. This is one of the many manuscript sources of keyboard music at Christ Church.

The inventory below draws on and partly supplements information provided in Virginia Brookes, British Keyboard Music to c.1660 (Oxford, 1996), the thematic index of which is cited below as 'Brookes'. Comments on individual pieces:

  • Item 30, though notated in keyboard score, is headed 'An Ayr set to the Virginott and Voice', and supplies text-underlay between the two staves. Music is provided only for the first eight bars; the text-underlay extends beyond this point, but this too was left incomplete.
  • Items 32 and 35: despite references to the lute, these pieces are notated in keyboard score only; but item 32 does seem to include an indication of lute-tuning (at f. 24r, start of stave 3).
  • Item 38: possibly a compositional sketch of the right-hand music only; the stave for the left-hand music was left unfilled.
  • Marginal jotting on f. 18r: 'what if a Day a montth or a year what if a thousan in her virgenity / apere'; this appears to have been added by Wintersall, but is not obviously linked to the music copied on this page (= item 25).
Table of titles and composers in modern form. Display form found in manuscript.
1 Robert Wintersall Coranto (Brookes 2355) f. 1r
2 Robert Wintersall Fantasia (Brookes 2359) f. 1v
3   Hang sorrow (Brookes 2360) ff. 2r-v
4 Robert Wintersall Twit, twot, come fill the other pot (Brookes 2375) f. 2v
5 Robert Wintersall Ipswich love (Brookes 2361) f. 3r
6 Robert Wintersall My love is lost (Brookes 2364) f. 3v
7 Robert Wintersall Now found again by me (Brookes 2366) f. 4r
8 Simon Ives Corant 'Le marquis' (Brookes 1813) f. 4r
9 Robert Wintersall So was my love (Brookes 2374) ff. 4v-5r
10 Robert Wintersall Love is a toy (Brookes 2362) f. 5r
11 Robert Wintersall Alman 'A la mode' (Brookes 2351) f. 5v
12 Robert Wintersall Saraband 'A la mode' (Brookes 2368) f. 6r
13   Corant (Brookes 2356) ff. 7r-v
14 Giles Farnaby Paul's Wharf (Brookes 844/1658; MB 24 no. 46) ff. 8r-v
15   St Peter's bells (Brookes 945) ff. 9r-11r
16 Robert Wintersall The nimble mouse (Brookes 2365) ff. 11v-12r
17 'John Stone' (= Johnson?) Highlander's march [Brookes 629] f. 12v
18   The new rant (Brookes 814) f. 13r
19 Robert Wintersall Highlander's march [Brookes 629] f. 13v
20 Robert Wintersall Sarabrand (Brookes 2369) f. 14r
21 Robert Wintersall The milkmaid (Brookes 2363) f. 14r
22 John Jenkins The bells (Brookes 1825) ff. 15r-16v
23 Robert Wintersall Alman/air (Brookes 2349) f. 17r
24 Robert Wintersall Saraband to the preceding Alman/air (Brookes 2370) f. 17v
25 Robert Wintersall Antick (Brookes 2352) f. 18r
26 Richard Portman Saraband (Brookes 1763; RRMBE 81 no. 26) ff. 18v-19r
27 Benjamin Cosyn The Scotch covenant (Brookes 1558) ff. 19v-20r
28 'Mr Birds' (spurious) Alman (Brookes 1338) ff. 20v-21r
29   'The boxsing of Clarck the Glousver' (Brookes 2354) f. 21r
30 William Lawes O, my Clarissa, thou cruel fair (opening only) f. 22r
31 Robert Wintersall Air (Brookes 2350) ff. 23v-24r
32 Robert Wintersall Saraband 'for lute and virginals' (Brookes 2371) f. 24r
33 Robert Wintersall Corant (Brookes 2357) f. 24v
34   'The parting with my very good freind Mr John Brackit' (Brookes 2367) f. 25r
35 Robert Wintersall Corant 'for lute and virginals' (Brookes 2358) f. 25v
36 Robert Wintersall Saraband 'made for Susanna Pitts' (Brookes 2372) ff. 26r-v
37 Robert Wintersall Saraband (Brookes 2373) f. 26v
38   Care away (fragment; Brookes 2353) f. 28v

Upright format, 317 x 207 mm. Structure: 28 leaves (without endleaves), foliated in modern pencil. The collation has been partly obscured by repairs made in the early 20th century, but is implied by watermarks and ratration:

  • A20, with a leaf inserted after A13 (or alternatively A22, with a leaf excised after A7) = ff. 1-21.
  • B4 = ff. 22-5.
  • C2 = ff. 26-7
  • Single leaf = f. 28.
Unused ruled staves on ff. 6v, 9v, 10v, 14v, 21v, 22v-23r and 27r-28r. Stab-holes in the gutter show that an early binding has been removed; no trace of it survives within the present early 20th-century binding of tooled red leather over boards. Many of the leaves have been lightly repaired or strengthened, especially at the edges and in the gutter. No early bookplate. 19th-century shelfmark: K.1.16. Formerly Mus. 1055.

Provenance: the identity of Robert Wintersall is currently unknown. Wintersall himself refers to 'his sweet mestris susana pitts' (f. 26r), who is also untraced. An early user of the book added pentrials on the margin of f. 9r, including 'Mary Allm . . .'. The volume was evidently either owned or used by Emmanuel Miles, whose initials 'E M' occur on f. 1r; for details of two other keyboard manuscripts at Christ Church associated with Miles, see the entry for Mus. 92. Then part of the Goodson bequest, as indicated by the signature 'Richard Goodson [Sr]' on f. 1r. However, the volume has not been matched with any entry in Clement 1747 or the 1787 Malchair catalogue of the Goodson bequest.

Microfilm: manuscript music, reel 38.

Select bibliography:

  • Candace Bailey, Seventeenth-Century British Keyboard Sources (Warren, MI, 2003), pp. 101-3. Find in a Library