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Mus. 1142b (ff. 62-3)

Manuscript. [Henry Aldrich], 'I will exalt thee', part for '1st violin'. Copyist unidentified; English, late 17th century. The main score of this anthem is Mus. 19, pp. 157-62.

Upright format, 380 x 243 mm. Bifolio, with music copied only on the central opening; unused ruled staves on ff. 62r and 63v. Formerly folded twice horizontally. Bound into Mus. 1142b, an early 20th-century guardbook of stiff card and vellum. No early bookplate.

Provenance unknown. Not recorded in any catalogue of the Christ Church collections before the 20th century.

Microfilm: manuscript music, reel 38.