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Mus. 11

Manuscript. Anthems and contrafacta for unaccompanied choir, copied by Charles Husbands Jr; English, c. 1690. Partner to Mus. 12, which contains similar works for accompanied choir. An image of Mus. 11, p. 44 (= f. 23r) can be viewed here.

Aldrich's Palestrina adaptations in this volume probably ultimately derive from his printed copy of Palestrina's Festorum totius anni cum communi sanctorum quaternis vocibus (Rome, 1622), which is bound into Mus. 887-92.

Table of titles and composers in modern form. Display form found in manuscript.

1 Henry Aldrich (after an unidentified model) All people that on earth do dwell pp. 1-3
2 Henry Aldrich [after Palestrina] We have heard with our ears [=Doctor bonus] pp. 3-7
3 Henry Aldrich [after Palestrina] Why art thou so vexed [=Ave Maria] pp. 8-10
4 Henry Aldrich [after Palestrina] My heart is fixed [=Nos autem gloriari] pp. 11-13
5 Henry Aldrich [after Palestrina] The eye of the Lord [=Jesus junxit se] pp. 14-16
6 Henry Aldrich [after Palestrina] O God the king of glory [=O rex gloriae] pp. 17-19
7 Henry Aldrich [after Palestrina] Hold not thy tongue [=Nativitas tua] pp. 20-22
8 William Mundy O Lord, the maker of all thing pp. 23-25
9 Richard Farrant [arr. Henry Aldrich] Hide not thou thy face from us pp. 25-28
10 Henry Aldrich [?] By the waters of Babylon pp. 29-32
11 Richard Farrant [arr. Henry Aldrich] Call to remembrance pp. 33-35
12 William Child Praise the Lord, O my soul [I] pp. 38-40
13 Benjamin Rogers O pray for the peace of Jerusalem pp. 40-42
14 Henry Aldrich Out of the deep have I called pp. 43-45
15 Henry Aldrich O praise the Lord, all ye heathen pp. 46-48
16 Henry Aldrich Give ear, O Lord pp. 48-51
17 Thomas Tallis I call and cry (= O sacrum convivium) pp. 52-56
18 Thomas Tallis With all our hearts [=Salvator mundi I] pp. 56-60
19 Henry Aldrich [after Tallis] I look for the Lord [from Absterge Domine] pp. 60-63
20 Henry Aldrich [after Tallis] I will magnify thee [from Absterge Domine] pp. 64-67
21 Robert White [arr. William Husbands] O Lord, rebuke me not [=The Lord bless us] pp. 68-71

Upright format, 370 x 245 mm. 94 folios; of these ff. 1v-36v have been paginated '1-71' by Husbands. Pencil folio numbers for ff. 1-36 were added in October 2003, and will not be present in microfilms made before that date; the remaining leaves are unfoliated. Unused ruled staves on ff. 19r-v (= pp. [36-7]), and from f. [37] to the end. Collation is largely unclear on account of the tightness of the binding, but was probably originally in regular gatherings each of two nested bifolios, with some leaves pasted together or excised. Late 17th-century binding of dark brown leather over boards, gold-tooled with fillets and corner ornaments; on the spine, an inset of red leather, tooled in gold: 'FULL ANTHEMS IN SCORE'. Index of contents on front flyleaf iii by Havergal, who has also annotated the musical contents with pencil comments and attributions, some of them spurious. Bookplate 2. 19th-century shelfmark: H.1.11.

Provenance: from the Aldrich bequest. The earliest catalogue entry for this volume is by Hind in Dowding, where it is listed at position P10 as 'Full anthems in Score'; in Mus. 11 itself, the shelfmark 'P.10' is written in Hind's handwriting on front flyleaf i. In itself, Hind's entry cannot be taken as proof of Aldrich provenance; however, the partner volume, Mus. 12 (q.v.), is more securely linked with the Aldrich bequest. During the 18th century the two volumes were shelved apart from one another; by the early 19th century they had been reunited, at shelf-positions H.1.11-12.

Microfilm: manuscript music, reel 2.


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Charles Husbands Jr, younger brother of William Husbands, was a chorister at Christ Church in 1677-84, and from 1688 was an organist and singing-man at Christ Church; he appears to have to have died in 1692, aged 21. Other music manuscripts at Christ Church copied or partially copied by him include the following. (Please note that this list may be expanded as further information comes to light.)
Charles Husbands Jr's hand also features in London, British Library, Add. MSS 17835, 17840 and 33235; and in Hamburg, Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek, ND VI 3101.