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Mus. 1034(B)

Manuscript. [Vincenzo Albrici], 'Laudate pueris [sic] a3', here spuriously attributed to 'G. Perrandi' [= Marco Gioseppe Peranda]; copied in score; copyist unidentified, probably German, third quarter of 17th century. There is a set of performing parts for this work in the Düben Collection at the University of Uppsala, Sweden, where the setting is attributed to Vincenzo Albrici (information kindly supplied by Mary E. Frandsen). Albrici was resident in England during the years 1663-68; see Webber and Leech (in Bibliography below). Digital images of the Düben copy of 'Laudate pueri' (S-Uu VMHS 1:13) can be accessed at:

Oblong format, 200 x 157 mm. Collation: A8; foliated in modern ink; f. 8v is blank. Stitched into a folder of modern card and mounted impermanently on a cord within an early 20th-century folder of stiff card and vellum (which also encases the unrelated Mus. 1034(A)). Foliation is modern. No early bookplate. Annotations on the front card cover are by York Powell, who probably also added the foliation. Formerly Mus. 1113.

Provenance unknown, but presumably from either the Aldrich or Goodson bequest. First recorded by Hind in Dowding, where it is listed at shelfmark M.4.30 as 'Laudate pueri &c. à 3. G. Perrandi. M.S.'; in Mus. 1034(B) itself, the shelfmark 'M.4.30' is written in ink on f. 1r. The item was subsequently listed in Havergal Summary among the Portfolios at position I.2.α, item 2: 'A motett by Ferrandi (Aldrich's coll.) MS. end of XVII. cent:'; in Mus. 1034(B) itself, the portfolio reference 'I.2.α' is written in red crayon at the top of f. 1r. Havergal's association of the fascicle with Aldrich is unsupported by any other evidence, and presumably reflects Hind's decision to shelve the item with other material from the Aldrich bequest.

Microfilm: manuscript music, reel 36.


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