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Mus. 1003a

Manuscript. A single leaf apparently torn from an unidentified volume, containing the last five bars of an unidentified work in D major notated in keyboard score on pages ruled with six-line staves; possibly copied by Henry Aldrich: English, late 17th century. The leaf is now loose within the apparently unrelated keyboard book Mus. 1003.

Upright format, 290 x c.195 mm. Unused ruled staves on the verso. The leaf has been folded once horizontally.

Provenance unknown; but if Aldrich is indeed the copyist, then presumably from the Aldrich bequest. (Follow this link for a list of the many music manuscripts at Christ Church copied by Henry Aldrich.)

Microfilm: manuscript music, reel 34; Mus. 1003a is reproduced as the last frame of Mus. 1003.