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Mus. 1002

Manuscript. English service music and anthems, copied in score; English, second half of 17th century. Copyists as follows.

*** PLEASE NOTE: The leaves of this manuscript are paginated for items 1-14, and foliated for items 15-18. ***

Table of titles and composers as shown in the manuscript. Display in modern form.

1 Mr [Thomas] Tallis [Dorian Service: T/B/K/C/M/N] pp. 1-22
2 Mr William Bird [Short Service: T/B/K/C/M/N] pp. 23-59
3 Orlando Gibbons Short Service [T/B/K/C/M/N] pp. 60-83
4 Mr [Nicholas] Strogers Short Service [T/B/K/C/M/N] pp. 84-109
5 Mr Thomas Tomkins [Second Service: T/J/K/C/M/N] pp. 110-131
6 Mr Elway Bevin First Service [T/B/K/C/M/N] pp. 132-169
7 Mr Richard Portman Short Service [T/B/K/C/M/N] pp. 170-191
8 Mr Richard Farrant [High Service: T/B/K/C/M/N] pp. 190-215
9 Dr [William] Child [Whole] Service in F [T/J/K/C/Ca/D] pp. 216-233
10 [William Child] [Whole Service in Gam ut: Be/J/K/C/M/N] pp. 234-257
11 Dr [William] Child Sharpe Service in D [T/J/K/C/M/N] pp. 260-285
12 Dr [William] Child [Sharp Service in e: T/J/K/C/M/N] pp. 284-306
13 Dr [William] Child O pray for the peace [of Jerusalem] pp. 306-309
14 Dr [William] Child [Whole Service in Gam ut: Ca/D] pp. 308-324
15 Mr Albertus Bryan [Short Service: T/J/K/C/M/N] ff. 329r-337r
16 Dr [William] Child Behold how good and joyfull ff. 338v-342r
17 Mr Orlando Gibbons [Second Service: M/N] ff. 345v-356v
18   [Untexted vocal work a8] ff. 357v-359r

Oblong format, 290 x 227 mm. 199 folios. Lowe's section of the manuscript has been paginated '1-324' in ink, beginning of [f. 1v], and with the number '58' occurring twice in succession. The remaining leaves are foliated (ff. 325-60), largely in modern pencil. Collation not fully investigated, but apparently largely or wholly made from gatherings of two nested bifolios (= 4 folios): A4, B4, etc. Unused ruled staves on pp. [0 = f. 1r], 258-9, 325, and ff. 325r-328v, 337v-338r, 342v, 345r, 357r, and 359v-360v. Pastedown cancel partly lifted on p. 234. Late 17th-century binding of brown leather over boards; upper and lower covers blind tooled with an ornamental panel, the interior of which is stained a lighter shade of brown. Bookplate 2. Mid 18th-century annotation on front flyleaf: 'A Book of services in Score by several hands belonging to Dean Aldrichs' Collection of Musick in the Archives'. 19th-century shelfmark: G 13.

Provenance: from the Aldrich bequest, listed in Archives 1717, position C3, as 'Mr Tallis' Services', qualified in Dowding (main hand) as 'Te Deum & Magnificat of Tallis, Dimittis of Bird. MS.'. In Mus. 1002 itself, the shelfmark 'C.3' is written in ink on the front flyleaf (replacing an earlier shelfmark, deleted and illegible).

Microfilm: manuscript music, reel 34.