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Mus. 1001

Manuscript. Organ-book containing accompaniments for anthems and services, with miscellaneous small additions; English, c. 1640. The collection may have been partly copied and/or formerly owned by Robert Pickhaver, who was organist of New College, Oxford, in 1662-4; see below for further details. A copying date of 'c. 1640' is generally accepted, notwithstanding the fact that item 32 in the inventory below was initially attributed to 'mr giles', and subsequently changed to 'Dr. Giles' (as would be correct after 1622, the year in which Nathaniel Giles was awarded his Oxford D. Mus.).

It is not clear how many scribes contributed to the copying of Mus. 1001, and no attempt is made below to distinguish between different hands (or what may be different states of the same hand). Some pieces appear to have been copied collaboratively, a second scribe adding material originally omitted by the first scribe; others may have been expanded in later stints by their original copyist. A few works have had their opening clefs adjusted, as instructions for transposition; for details, see Clark (in Bibliography below).

Mus. 1001 is copied in two layers, with services (items 1-13) placed at what is now designated as the front of the volume, and anthems (items 14-55) at the rear with the volume inverted. Each layer is preceded by a contemporary index pasted to the inside cover. Comments on individual items:

  • Item 4: the Venite (only) is represented by a monophonic bass line notated on a single stave; the remaining movements are normal organ scores occupying two staves.
  • Items 6-7: numbered as a single item by the copyist, who seems to have regarded them as an integral service, notwithstanding the placement of evening before morning canticles.
  • Item 32: an earlier copy of this anthem was concealed when the two leaves that constitute modern f. 74 were pasted together. (See the physical description of the manuscript below, gathering K, for further details.) The concealed early copy also attributes the piece to 'Mr Giles', not 'Dr Giles'.
  • Item 44: this is a later addition on a previously unused page, and possibly a composing score. Copyist unidentified, probably early 18th century.
  • Item 48: copied with the volume inverted, and presumably incomplete because of lack of space at the end; item 49 is evidently a replacement copy.
  • After item 51: according to the index of anthems in Mus. 1001, a copy of Orlando Gibbons's 'Behold, thou hast made my days' was copied here (numbered '36'). Presumably it occupied part of sigs. G7-8, which are now excised.
  • Item 52: this fragment of idiomatic keyboard music is preceded by the stub of two excised leaves (sigs. G7-8) on which the beginning of the piece was presumably written. The copy is incomplete at the end; probably it had to be abandoned because of the absence of available space on the following page (f. 50r). Apparently copied by one of the principal scribes of the organ scores, and possibly a composing score (to judge from emendations made on the page).
Table of titles and composers in modern form. Display form found in manuscript.
The first column gives the modern numbering of the pieces; the second shows numbering used by the copyist(s).
1   Thomas Tallis Short Service (T/B/K/C/M/N) ff. 1r-6r
2   Orlando Gibbons Short Service (T/B/K/C/M/N) ff. 6v-12r
3 3 Elway Bevin First Service (T/B/K/C/M/N) ff. 12v-17v
4 4 Nicholas Strogers Short Service (V/T/B/C/K/M/N) ff. 17v-23v
5 5 William Byrd Short Service (V/T/B/M/N/C/K) ff. 23v-29r
6 6 Thomas Morley Second Service (M/N) ff. 29v-30v
7   Thomas Morley First Service (T/B) ff. 31r-34v
8 7 Thomas Tallis Te deum in five parts ff. 34v-37r
9 8 Orlando Gibbons Second Service (M/N) ff. 37r-39r
10 9 Orlando Gibbons Lord, we beseech thee ('for the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary') ff. 39v-40r
11 10 Thomas Morley Short Evening Service (M/N) ff. 40v-41v
12 11 William Byrd Third Service (M/N) ff. 42r-43v
13 12 William Inglott Service in d: Te deum (only) ff. 43v-45r
14 1 Edmund Hooper O thou God almighty f. 85v
15 2 William Byrd O Lord, make thy servant Elizabeth ff. 85r-84v
16 3 Edmund Hooper Teach me thy way, O Lord f. 84v
17 4 William Byrd How long shall mine enemies ff. 84r-83v
18 5 William Mundy O Lord, I bow the knees ff. 83r-82v
19 6 Thomas Tallis I call and cry (= O sacrum convivium) ff. 82r-81v
20 7 Thomas Tallis Blessed be thy name, O God (= Mihi autem nimis) ff. 81r-80v
21 8 Richard Farrant Call to remembrance f. 80v
22 9 Thomas Tallis Discomfit them, O Lord (= Absterge Domine) ff. 80r-78v
23 10 William Byrd Prevent us, O Lord f. 78v
24 11 Robert Parsons Holy Lord God almighty ff. 78r-77v
25 13 Edmund Hooper I will magnify thee, O Lord ff. 77r-76v
26 12 Thomas Weelkes O Lord God almighty ff. 76r-75v
27 14 Richard Farrant Hide not thou thy face from us f. 75v
28 15 Robert White The Lord bless us ff. 75r-74v
29 16 William Byrd Arise, O Lord, why sleepest thou ff. 74r-73v
30 17 William Byrd Sing joyfully ff. 73r-72v
31 18 William Byrd O God, the proud art risen against me ff. 72r-71v
32 19 Nathaniel Giles O give thanks unto the Lord ff. 71r-70v
33 20 Robert Parsons Deliver me from mine enemies, O God ff. 70r-69v
34 21 William White O praise God in his holiness [II] ff. 69r-68v
35 22 Robert White O how glorious art thou ff. 68r-67v
36 23 Thomas Weelkes O Lord, grant the king a long life ff. 67r-66v
37 24 Orlando Gibbons Hosanna to the son of David ff. 66r-65v
38   Orlando Gibbons Lift up your heads ff. 65r-64v
39 25 William Byrd Save me, O God ff. 64r-63v
40 26 Orlando Gibbons or William Byrd Out of the deep [II] ff. 63r-62r
41 27 William Mundy O Lord, the maker of all thing f. 61v
42 28 William Byrd O God, whom our offences ff. 61r-60v
43 29 Orlando Gibbons Blessed are all they ff. 60r-59r
44     Fugal exposition in C major f. 58v
45 30 William Byrd Hear my prayer, O Lord, and consider ff. 58r-57v
46 31 William Byrd Thou God, that guidest both heaven and earth ff. 57r-56v
47 32 William Byrd Alack, when I look back ff. 56r-55v
48   Orlando Gibbons If ye be risen again (abandoned copy) ff. 54v-55r
49 33 Orlando Gibbons If ye be risen again ff. 54r-53r
50 34 Orlando Gibbons Grant, O holy trinity ff. 52v-r
51 35 John Bull In thee, O Lord, put I my trust ff. 51v-r
52     Fragment of a keyboard work f. 50v
53 37 Orlando Gibbons Almighty god which hast given ff. 50r-49r
54 38 Orlando Gibbons O God, the king of glory ff. 48v-47r
55 39 Thomas Tomkins Thou art my king, O God ff. 47r-45v

Oblong format, 277 x 210 mm. 85 leaves, foliated in modern pencil. Collation: originally 12 gatherings each of four nested bifolios (A-L8), = 96 leaves. Of these, ten leaves have been excised, and two are pasted together. Collation details:

  • A8: A1-2 excised; A3-8 = ff. 1-6.
  • B8: B2 excised; B1 and B3-8 = ff. 7-13.
  • C8: C3 excised; C1-2 and C4-8 = ff. 14-20.
  • D8: intact = ff. 21-8.
  • E8: intact = ff. 29-36.
  • F8: intact = ff. 37-44.
  • G8: G7-8 excised; G1-6 = ff. 45-50.
  • H8: H8 is excised; H1-7 = ff. 51-7.
  • I8: intact = ff. 58-65.
  • J8: intact = ff. 66-73.
  • K8: K1-2 pasted together as f. 74 (thus concealing an early copy of item 32); K7 excised; K3-6 and K8 = ff. 75-9.
  • L8: L3 and L8 excised; L1-2 and L4-7 = ff. 80-5.
Contemporary indexes of contents are pasted to the inside upper and lower covers. Mid seventeenth-century binding of brown leather over boards; upper and lower covers gold-tooled with an ornamental centrepiece flanked by the initials 'R P' (? Robert Pickhaver; see below), and blind-tooled with fillets and small ornaments; fragments of blue ribbon ties at the fore-edge. Inside upper cover annotated 'Ric. Goodson / Ex dono Domini Lee' by Richard Goodson Sr. Bookplate 3. 19th-century shelfmark: G.12.

Provenance: donated to Christ Church as part of the Goodson bequest. The volume may have been acquired by Richard Goodson Sr during the decade he spent as organist of New College (1682-92), although the identity of his donor - 'Domini Lee' - has not been traced. Robert Pickhaver, who is conjecturally the 'R P' represented on the book's covers, was organist and informator choristarum of New College in 1662-4.

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