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Gibbs 12

A printed copy of the Book of Common Prayer (1634) and other printed material, interleaved with manuscript music for Contratenor Cantoris, copied and bound for use in the chapel of Peterhouse, Cambridge. One of a set of probably eight such partbook-volumes, of which the only other known survivor is Cambridge, Peterhouse, Perne Library O.6.29 (Medius Decani; digital images available online at DIAMM). Music copyist unidentified. The presence within the volume of pages of unused staves suggests that further expansion of the manuscript contents was envisaged.

Printed contents:

Gibbs 12(1)
The Booke of Common Prayer, and administration of the sacraments.
London: Imprinted by Robert Barker ... and by the assignes of John Bill, 1634
Gibbs 12(2)
Ad Mat. & Vesp. [Matins and Evensong in Latin]
[Cambridge?]: [1634?]
Inserted after sig. R3 of Gibbs 12(1).
Gibbs 12(3)
The forme and manner of making and consecrating bishops, priestes and deacons.
London: Imprinted by Robert Barker ... and by the assignes of John Bill, 1634

Manuscript contents:
Table of titles and composers in modern form. Display form found in manuscript.

1 William Byrd Third preces f. 22r
2 Thomas Tomkins Preces f. 22r
3 Orlando Gibbons First preces, with two alternative Glorias ff. 22r-v
4 William Smith Preces f. 22v
5 Orlando Gibbons Short Service: V f. 26r
6 Orlando Gibbons Short Service: T/Bs] ff. 29r-v
7 William Byrd Third responses f. 32r
8 Thomas Tomkins Responses f. 32r
9 William Smith Responses f. 32v
10 Orlando Gibbons Short Service: M/N ff. 35r-v
11 Thomas Tallis Litany (precentor's part) f. 39r
12 Thomas Tomkins Litany f. 39v
13 Henry Molle Litany 'for Dr Cosin' (= John Cosin, master of Peterhouse, 1635-40) ff. 39v-40r
14 Thomas Tallis (spurious) Litany f. 40v
15 William Byrd Short Service: K f. 129r
16 Orlando Gibbons Short Service: K f. 129r
17 Thomas Tallis Short Service: K f. 129r
18 Richard Farrant High Service: K f. 129r
19 Derrick Kyrie f. 129r
20 Thomas Tomkins First Service: K f. 129v
21 John Amner Third Service: K f. 129v
22 William Child Sharp Service in D: K f. 129v
23 Thomas Morley First Service: K f. 129v
24 Mundy Kyrie f. 129v
25 Orlando Gibbons Short Service: C f. 130v
26 Edmund Hooper? Sursum corda and Sanctus f. 137r
27 John Amner Third Service: G f. 140v
28 Henry Molle Pater de caelis (Litany; in Latin) ff. 180r-v
29 Henry Loosemore Pater de caelis (Litany; in Latin) ff. 180v-181r

Upright format, 300 x 190 mm. The interleaved portion of the volume has been foliated to f. 189 in modern pencil, in a sequence that includes both printed and manuscript leaves; the remainder of the volume is unfoliated. Unused ruled staves on ff. 23r-v, 26v, 30r-v, 41r-42v, 127r-v, 130r, 132r-v, 137v, 140r, 171r-172v, 181v and 188r-v. Front flyleaf inscribed 'Contratenor Cantoris' in 17th-century ink. 17th-century binding of dark brown leather over boards, gold-tooled on the upper and lower covers with the arms of Peterhouse, Cambridge, the latter enclosed within an oval panel bearing the words 'Collegium : Sancti : Petri : in : Academia : Cantabrigiae'; binding rebacked and generally repaired probably in the early 20th century by 'James H. Jackson / manufacturing / stationer, / Perth' (label pasted to inside lower cover). Inside upper cover: armorial bookplate of John George Home-Drummond of Abbots Grange (d. 1848).

Provenance: Peterhouse, Cambridge; John George Home-Drummond; Kenneth Gibbs (1856-1935), sometime Archdeacon of St. Albans, whose collection of liturgical texts was presented to Christ Church by his widow in 1946.

Microfilm: not included in the standard microfilm series.


Dom Anselm Hughes, Catalogue of the Musical Manuscripts at Peterhouse, Cambridge (Cambridge, 1953), 49-51. Find in a Library